Saitama, One Punch Man, “Shibuya Scramble Figure,” 1/7 Scale (Alpha Satellite, eStream) [Figure Review]

eStream has a ways to go in their uphill battle of perception

One Punch Man has rightfully captured the hearts of many, especially those that grew up forever loving ‘Shonen’ anime. With the perfect satire series to contrast the overabundant, over-saturated amount of anime, we are left with one of the most beautiful recognizable characters, Saitama.

It’s only right when I started collecting anime figures, that this show was close to the top of the list. Interestingly enough, there weren’t many figures I could get my hands on in the $100-300 range. Many were prize figures or really expensive resins. Eventually, I came across eStream’s Saitama, Shibuya Scramble Figure and ThreeZero’s 1/6 Scale DX version. One’s a PVC statue scale figure and the latter is a doll/action figure. This one, we will be covering the PVC statue.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review


This is by far, the easiest figure to put together. There are only 2 pieces, the figure and the base. It fits on perfectly with no issues.


I just want to start off saying that I am completely ignorant when it comes to painting figures. However, when there are different figures that that glow differently than others, it makes me think it can better. In prototype pictures, there can be a slight variation for whatever reason. It can just be lighting for all I know.. Though, I’ve seen enough evidence on other figures that there is definitely better options for the paint color and how companies can make the colors become more vivid. Looking at the Sage of Halo figure from Sentinel, has pretty much convinced me that it can be done well.

The base looks incredibly better in person!

The base looks great in person, but anything rocky, ‘pebbly’ looking is going to make it look unappealing to the eyes because from afar it looks like a giant viral scab fungus looking thing.. I’m having the same complaints from what I can tell from the prototype pictures of the new Uzui scale from Aniplex. In person, the base looks really good because you get to see the intricate details of the rock formations. From a visual standpoint, its just a part of the lower tier of my personal choice for a base. This may sound kind of silly, but if you are able to add more rocks around this figure and create a bigger scene, this figure would look that much more amazing.

Slight complaint about presentation of product box

So far, I have 2 “Shibuya Scramble Figure” boxes. Either one is not too impressive for the amount of money they are asking for. Still, it’s mostly about the figure and not the box. Although, the box plays heavily into the perception. You don’t receive a diamond ring in a ring-pop bag right?

I showed the pictures below of the “All Might: Silver Age Exclusive Edition” box. This is the best packaging that I have received so far from a figure for a $100 figure. A product box plays into the perception and value of an item. Consumers want to feel like they are receiving something amazing and with “Shibuya Scramble Figure’s” mixed reputation, they should put all their heart and soul into these next few years into changing people’s mind about them.


Standing at about 13 inches tall, he fits in a Detolf display shelf!


¥21780 + ¥9620 [EMS]=¥31,400,

$275.58 + 3% foreign transaction fee + $100 off from credit card statement

I had an old BBVA credit card that got bought out by PNC Bank. They offered a “spend $500 and get $100 statement” credit. I used that card to buy this “Saitama Shibuya Scramble Figure” and the Elizabeth Bunny figure so, the 3% foreign transaction fee was still worth it.

There’s quite a few figures I have in that lower $200 to higher $270s that I have paid for a figure. Precious GEM Wargreymon, RAH Archer, RAH Levi (Suit Version), Shibuya Scramble Figure Ristarte, Elizabeth Bunny, Aniplex’s Saber Alter, FuRyu’s Rimuru Tempest, etc. “Shibuya Scramble Figure’s” Saitama definitely belongs in that mix. Although, I would deem it to be slightly pricier if you are going by US retail prices. If you are buying straight from AmiAmi with the cheaper slower shipping, you are definitely getting a great deal for around $230, rather than the $275 I paid w/ EMS shipping.

From eStream/ Alpha Satellite’s point-of-view

Quality and manufacturing can get better. I’m glad I came into this market after people are having trouble because so far, I am 2/2 in terms of acceptable quality. I will be receiving another “Shibuya Scramble Figure” form the series “Jujutsu Kaisen.” It is the Gojou 1/7 scale with the blue base. Also, I pre-ordered the Rimuru and Milim figures from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, set to be release by the end of the year. So, I’m hoping to see a gradual improvement.

I am a staunch capitalist. Browsing through the multi-billion dollar figure industry, everything is generally priced near what what the market deems as a fair price. Companies can price themselves out. That seems to be the main complaint when it comes to “Shibuya Scramble Figures.” This class of figures satisfies a particular niche. Jujutsu Kaisen, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, and One Punch Man satisfies the demand for more dynamic poses at a larger scale and IP that is right below mainstream.

If “Shibuya Scramble Figures” doesn’t satisfy the demand for (niche IP, obscure characters, more dynamic poses), then another company will. Sounds simple right? The main issue is time. Time for companies to get their quality control issues under control; time to improve on various aspects of the company, that produces the products that we want. We would have to wait for ANOTHER new company or hope that someone established would have to fulfill that role. I’ll stop here before I go any deeper in the eStream/Alpha Satellite “Shibuya Scramble Figure” rabbit hole. I really want this company to succeed or there’s going to be a giant sized hole for figures I want from shows I enjoy.

Last Thoughts

Overall, it is a 7.5/10 figure. It’s not my favorite or a top tier choice, but it is a solid figure if you have the extra income you want to spend on a Saitama figure. When it comes to Saitama figures, it’s either really cheap prizes or really expensive resins. Interestingly enough, there’s not too many in the 1/7 scale range for PVC statues. That is one thing that a lot of “Shibuya Scramble Figures” accomplish, is that they fit exactly into the niche I’m looking for. Although, it’s not my favorite option, it’s the first figure I see when I wake up and look at my Detolf display shelf. I am still excited and happy to have it and that’s all you can ask for!

I bought Saitama here

Saitama Info here

Otaku Sinh’s collection


  • I picked up some old Bastard!! anime/manga figures off of eBay, in light of the news that there will be a Netflix anime remake! It will either be on Tiktok or YouTube.
  • “Patrick Mahomes Action Figure Case” from Imports Dragon
  • Raphtalia 1-7 scale from Kotobukiya
  • “All Might: Silver Age Exclusive Edition” from First 4 Figures, delayed until March.. replacing a broken piece

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