Sage of the Halo, “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers” Sentinel [Figure Review]

Sentinel or Bandai’s Armor Plus? Let’s take a look at the two main companies that make “Ronin Warriors” or “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers” figures.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Sentinel vs Bandai’s Armor Plus

There are only 2 companies that make Ronin Warrior figures and that’s Bandai and Sentinel. Researching which one to get, you’ll see in the comment sections of various forum boards that people like the Sentinel version better. So, the moment I was finally able to hold Sage in my hands, I said to myself, “I get it.” From the look, the feel and the joint movements, I can see the argument that the Sentinel version is better in many aspects.

Box & Parts

It’s a little bit harder to compare 2 different figures, where one of them naturally comes with more parts. Though, I think this is pretty much a wash when comparing the number of accessories. Each one gives you many options for many different poses.

While the number of parts are similar, I do like the quality of sturdiness of the Sentinel version better. It really does feel like some parts on the Infernal Armor are a bit more fragile and are prone to break.

Instruction Manual

For dumb blockheads like me, I really like clear easy to understand instruction manuals. I really don’t want to run into a situation where I tried inserting something or taking something out that I wasn’t supposed to. Just look at the pictures below. Tell me which one is better..

Comparing the Biggest Issues

What was my biggest issue with the “Ryo Infernal Armor Plus” version? It was the loose side leg piece, that falls off pretty easily when you are adjusting the figure.

When it comes to Sentinel’s Sage, it was inserting the hand back into the socket. What was the most frustrating of the two? Definitely, inserting the hand back into the joint socket.

Overall, the both version’s parts fit on relatively with ease. I give the edge to Armor Plus; based on my personal criteria of what’s the worst situation to deal with of the two. Clearly, using excessive force and dealing with difficult joints is not my thing.. ala (ThreeZero’s Saitama figure)


I just love the way that the Sentinel version’s joints moves so effortlessly. It definitely has the feel of being “properly greased”—smooth movements of the body. Looking at the Armor Plus version, it has a more clunky feel to it. You can hear and feel the creak and clank of the movements, as you are adjusting the pose.


Honestly, I prefer the glossy shiny look of the Sage figure a bit more. I know that the Infernal Armor is a “Special Color Edition,” but that metallic dark-ish kind of look takes away the incredible pop that the figure has with the traditional white color look. With the camera flash or no flash, you can definitely bring more personality out of the Sage one.


I bought it here

Total for 3 = ($434.97+$32.91+$4) = $471.88

Quantity of 1 = $157.29

My Japanese website of choice right now is Hobby-Genki based out of Osaka, Japan. I have a few pre-orders with them, but I have never actually received any items yet to fully judge their overall customer service experience. Though, their prices for the Bandai Armor Plus versions are an absolute steal compared to BBTS prices. The “Ryo Infernal Armor” was around $120 + $20 to $40 shipping compared to $199.99+tax+shipping at BBTS.

If you are getting the Sentinel version, you are better off picking it up from Entertainment Earth, where you’ll catch a guarantee price match of the lowest price based on US stores. If you want the figure sooner, you can buy it from a Japanese website like Play-Asia, HLJ or Hobby Genki with the shipping price premium.

Paying $200+ on the Bandai version from a US store, is not the best bang for your buck. To feel like you’ve gotten equal to similar value, getting the Armor Plus version overseas is probably the better option.

Either way, the Sentinel version is at a great price at $144.99. Expect these prices to inflate way more than the Bandai Armor Plus versions in the reseller market.


The Verdict

The Sentinel version is better than the Bandai Armor Plus version based on the 2 figures I currently own. But it’s not by that wide of a margin. What would I deem the most important? 100% the aesthetics because that is why you buy a figure in the first place! When it comes to the joints, until I actually end up breaking a figure because of it, its not that big of a deal. Depending on the frequency of you changing the parts, maybe that hand piece on the Sentinel version becomes too annoying? Either way, the Sentinel version is clearly the better looking one. What do you guys think?

More info about the figure here

Otaku Sinh’s collection


I will be unboxing FuRyu’s “Rimuru Tempest F:Nex 1/7 Scale” figure and First 4 Figure’s “All Might: Silver Edition” figure next!


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