Rimuru Tempest “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” 1/7 Scale [FuRyu] F:Nex [Figure Review]

Riding high off a phenomenal season 2 of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” I went out I picked up a few figures from the series. After realizing the FuRyu scale of Rimuru Tempest was all sold out across all anime figure websites, I spent everyday looking for dropped pre-orders. Finally, I was able to pick one up from Ami Ami. As on 01/28/2022, they are still in-stock!

Unboxing / Assembly / Review


First impressions and what does it come with?

The first thing I noticed with the box is that it was pretty similar to the eStream Ristarte’ Shibuya Scramble Figure box that I had. There was nothing too spectacular about it, besides the design inside the box, when you pull out the packaging.

The figure comes in 4 pieces. You have the chair or throne, the slime, the figure itself and the katana sword. I always get excited when figures come with instruction manuals because there will be a day where I break something because it doesn’t come with one.. No matter how few pieces or obvious it looks to put together a figure, please come with instructions!

Was it hard to assemble?

No, it wasn’t. Thank God! This wasn’t a WarGreymon & Saitama ThreeZero issue. Everything fit exactly where it needed to. The arm piece to take out the arm came off easily and stayed on firmly.


I few concerns I had was the dullness of the overall figure. The colors they chose didn’t give the figure enough ‘oomph’ that I was looking for. At first glance and just having it in your display case, it still looks pretty good. The pose, the katana, the Slime and face really goes well together. I just wish they chose colors that made it pop more. I compared the Levi figure with the Rimuru Tempest one in the video. I wish they went with the more glossy, shiny looking paint like the Levi one. If you look at the prototype picture, the color contrast between the figure and chair is starkly different. It brings out more of Rimuru’s qualities.

The funniest thing about this whole figure is the fact that the Slime is what stands out the most. It comes with that jade, pearly shine that I was hoping to get in the overall figure.

Painting errors?

There were 2 small issues I had with the paint, it was the blue painting smudge down the upper-right-middle of Rimuru’s jacket. And then, another smudge on the back of the throne. It’s barely noticeable, unless you are looking for it. The less perfect a figure it is, the more bitter you can feel, right?

The cracks on the throne was mostly painted on. You don’t really notice unless you look up close. It doesn’t take anything away from the overall look of the figure. However, I do understand that people may have an issue with this. The top of the chair and bottom of the chair DOES have some indent effects instead of the painted on effect, which is pretty cool.

What did the figure feel like?

When it comes to the body of the figure, it felt like any other PVC scale figure that I have with a nice weight to it. The throne or chair, what Rimuru sits on, was really light and hollow. Having it be so light does make it feel kind of cheap. Again, let me reiterate that it still looks pretty good.

Is it a fair price

21,780 JPY + 7,345 JPY [DHL Shipping] = 29,125JPY = $254.68

I like using Kotobukiya’s ARTFX scale figures as a barometer for other figures to compare to. They are the next step up from getting a better quality prize figure, but not quite as detailed with cool effects like a $400 eStr.. I mean Precious G.E.M figure from MegaHouse. So does this measure up as better, equal or worse? Let’s take in a few factors.

Who is making the figures? The less competition, the more you up the price. By the looks of things, it’s just eStream and FuRyu making more upscale Rimuru figures. Bandai has a ton of prize figures of Rimuru, which I should be getting one in at in the next couple of months.

How about the overall quality and scale? The quality measures up in the higher end of the spectrum of an ARTFX figure, but not as good as the RAH Levi Suit Version figure. The 21,780JPY price at AmiAmi, which is roughly around $190 + shipping—a pretty accurate price when comparing to the market. With the member price on RightStufAnime, you can get it for $269.99+ shipping, which is pushing it towards a “might not be worth it price” versus the value I think you are getting.

Still, it’s ultimately up to you to determine if it is worth it. You can get the Nendoroid with the same pose or you can get this one. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

FuRyu’s F:Nex – Rimuru Tempest info

I bought it here.


Last Thoughts

Overall, I do really like the figure. It’s carried by a great looking pose with a good scale size. Where it misses the mark, is the dull looking paint that they chose. Naturally, with the right color contrast balance with the character design, it should have looked a lot more eye-popping. Though, it’s still my favorite figure of the character that I have seen available with an affordable price. This is the first time I felt like I prefer the prototype picture over the actual finished product. However, the finished product isn’t too shabby either. I still recommend getting this figure if you are a fan of the show.


Here are a few figures I will be unboxing soon!

  • [First 4 Figures] All Might (Silver Edition)
  • [FREEing] Elizabeth Liones Bunny Version
  • [eStream] Saitama (Shibuya Scramble Figure)

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