The Beautiful Upper 6 Ranked Demon Revealed! Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3 “What Are You?” Review

It isn’t hard to narrow down what kind of demon would be coming out of the red light district. A disgusting perverted demon or a beautiful 10 out of 10 turning into an Upper 6. The episodes continue the undercover investigation of the Entertainment District as Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu figure out more details on the whereabouts of Uzui Tengen’s wives.

Something Out of Place

Starting where we left out, Inosuke, with his beast-like senses, feels something is out of place and about to take action. The scene takes place where it is revealed that Makio was caught sending letters out to someone(Uzui) under the House of Ogimoto.

The most important revelation comes from Zenitsu under the House of Kyogoku. Zenitsu can’t help but play white knight; ends up trying to help a girl that is crying inside the oiran’s room. As he questions the girl, the oiran, sneaks up on him and speaks terrifyingly, to where Zenitsu reacts in a way like “Oh s**t! The demons’ got me!” Again, after the oiran, Warabihime as the House of Kyogoku calls her, tries to punish the girl for not cleaning out her room. To no one’s surprise, Zenitsu becomes reactionary brave when there is a girl involved and grabs Warabihime’s arm. Warabihime, which is later revealed to be named “Daki,” gives him the whole demon backfisted smackaroo into night night.

Interestingly, the person with the least screen time is Tanjiro, which could mean something more significant for him down the road. The episode just shows Tanjiro being an “obedient future oiran..” Near the end of the episode, he senses something really out of place at night; foreshadowing more ominous anonymity will be revealed.

Upper Demon Six “Daki”

We had a nice scene under the House of Kyogoku with Omitsu, the person who manages the house, and with oiran Warabihime. Omitsu confronts Warabihime, while concealing a knife about people disappearing and comitting ‘ashinuke’ because of her. She comes to the conclusion that Warabihime is the same oiran her elder told her about that acted out viciously with a tilted head; and looks the same way with each oiran rendition of her having the last part of her name ending in ‘hime’. Here we get the nice full reveal of her true demon form.

After hitting Zenitsu and coming across Muzan after the death of Omitsu, she realizes that the Demon Slayer Corps are probably on her tail and undercover. The episode ends with her ensnaring Zenitsu and revealing that she is now luring any Demon Slayer Corps member into her grasp.

Daki’s Powers

We get a few glimpses at the beginning of the episode of Daki’s powers. There seems to be a bunch of floats sashes that she can manipulate and travel quickly through. We were able to see her do multiple things at once like keeping Makio hostage and capturing Zenitsu.

A Very Important Life Lesson You May Not Realize

In reality and in make-believe, survival sometimes mean shutting up and leaving things as a mystery. If you talk too much, you can end up in someone’s cross hairs. Sometimes, when we are fed up, spilling the beans is unavoidable.

Anime vs Manga

This episode covers chapter 73 – 74.

The ending credits scene of Zenitsu getting snatched up was anime only and the image above where Inosuke has his legs up is also anime only.


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