Raphtalia “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 2 – FREEing – 1/4 Scale B-Style Bunny Ver. (Video and Images)

I was waiting for the Crunchyroll Store Black Friday Sale and it literally sold out the day before the sale. I also had a coupon code I had saved up for this moment, but unfortunately missed out. Luckily, I was able to pick up one of the last pre-orders from Lunar Toy Store.

Unboxing Video

How was the Quality?

The first thing I noticed was how much heavier it felt compared to the others (box and figure). I saw some pictures online of her nose being a bit off, but was amazed at how picture perfect she actually came out. It looks exactly like how the character should and that is worth a couple hundred dollars right there. The paint job was just about as perfect as it can get.


The only complaint, especially someone that likes collecting, was the dent. When you are paying a premium price for a product, you want to at least have a product that is as pristine as possible. There is only 2 parts, the body and the tail. I did have a little trouble inserting the tail piece in. It felt like it was a little too big, but was able to get it to fit properly. This figure was very sturdy, so I was able to use a lot of force to shove the piece in there.

How Does this Compare to the Other Bunny Figures?

This is my first Bunny figure and 1/4 scale figure. I have a few others coming in in 2022, so I would love to compare them down the line. It seems like people are kind of split, probably in favor of fishnet versions over non-fishnet bunny versions. After getting Raphtalia, I would so far agree. It gives the figure a different dynamic look than without the fishnets.


Most US online retail stores had about this price. Lunar Toy Store and Ukiyo Kumo tend to be the stores that has some figures left in stock because you have to pay up front. If you were able to snap a pre-order from a Japanese online retailer, you’d probably save $40+ on the overall price shipping to the US.

Lunar Toy Store: $325.99+$5 (Shipping) = $330.99

Raphtalia info – https://myfigurecollection.net/item/1051030

Bought her here

Otakusinh’s collection here

Raphtalia Images


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