What We Learned From the Disappointing Season 2 of “The Promised Neverland”

A show with a thrilling first season, forcibly rushed to end the show in season 2.

I would rather have a very good season of an arc and the series never being finished versus having a whole series end in one whole season. That is what we received with “The Promised Neverland.” Wouldn’t you want something that is well-made, good pacing and well-written? I believe that most people would agree with this sentiment.

No matter the reason via. money, bankrupcy, contracts, switching of studios, animes should never be rushed if you really want to put out a good product. The feeling of wanting more of something rather than a quick cheap closure should be valued more in the eyes of the creators. The disgust of fans receiving a bad product leaves a bad taste that no one actually wanted. Another anime that comes to mind that suffered a similar fate is the later seasons of “Tokyo Ghoul.” So, having a gut-wrenching season 1, with the viewer wanting more is what any fan would want. Every time I think about “The Promised Neverland,” I think of, “What a disappointment,” versus “Wow! What an incredible show! They should make more.” Just think about it, if the show just covered one arc in season 2 and it was good, I would be okay with it ending that way. Instead, they decided to just gloss over and literally skip many arcs that were in the manga.


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