The One Thing in Anime Shows We Cheer on Without Realizing it Happens in Real Life

Lying to the public for the “greater good.”

Black Clover “Spoilers*

I was watching “Black Clover’s Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc,” when it struck me how the Wizard King dealt with Captain Vangeance. He basically lied to the public that he was the hero, when in reality, he helped almost bring upon the doom of the Clover Kingdom. You might be asking, “what the hell does this have to do with real life?!” Because we know what actually happened and all the details, as the viewer, we accept the decisions of those in power and our leaders. In real life, 99% of us represents the public that gets lied to if we were actually a Clover citizen. We are at the mercy of what the media and what the government tells us. We can speculate if the powers that be (government, etc.) are morally good and have good intentions. Even if they were morally ‘good’, those in power are also in a power struggle with each other and are doing what they think is best for themselves and/or what they think is best for everyone.

Again as the viewer, we know and accept sometimes what we think the good moral character would do with power like the Wizard King Julius. In real life, that can be the president, a dictator or one of the 3 letter alphabets (FBI, CIA, etc.) This is not to get conspiratorial with you guys, but the next time you watch an anime, when the characters are actors of high power and influence; think about what you are watching and how it can relate to real life. It will give you a perspective you may not have seen before.


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