A Huge Miss? Saber Alter [Aniplex, Stronger] 1/7 Scale Review w/Video and Pictures

One of the first series I wanted to start to collect from was from the “Fate” series by TYPE-MOON. Saber Alter is one of the highlights of the whole series and I knew she would have some awesome scale figures with iconic poses . Since I decided to start collecting in September of 2021, Saber Alter’s pre -orders were sold-out everywhere except Ukiyo Kumo and Lunar Toy Store; probably because you have to pay up front and it’s more expensive. Ukiyo Kumo’s online store confused me a bit and I could have gotten one there, but ended up with the highest priced one at $320.99 at Lunar Toy Store.

Unboxing Video

Lunar Toy Store Shipping/ Price Issues

I personally don’t have a problem paying a little more, especially to a licensed US retail store, as long as I get my figure in mint condition. The price was higher than any other US online retail store and they shipped it(Fedex) in a box a little too small; so any mishandling of the box can end up damaging the box, which it did.. Sure, the figure turned out to be okay, but as a collector and someone who wants to maintain the value of the figure, that is really annoying. The overall presentation really matters and Lunar Toy Store should put a little more care into shipping items, especially when the items are hundreds of dollars.

Figure Issues? Quality?

The pose is an iconic one for the series and the prototype looks amazing! But wait a minute.. You still have to execute the whole process until it’s right into the consumer’s hands. Let’s take a look at some issues I had.

The base definitely looked and felt cheap. The bottom of the base (purple attachments) where the grail connects is very loose. I had a lot of trouble picking it up and just moving it into the display case. If you are trying to move the figure anywhere with the base on, I would hold below just in case the base falls and use the other hand holding the figure up top. It’s too shaky to move from the bottom up, since the base is light, cheap and loose.

Other than the loose base, the painting and detail was pretty on point. I didn’t notice anything significantly off. The figure felt in hand, pretty sturdy. There wasn’t anything too fragile that shouldn’t be. I’ve read online how much Aniplex figure quality can range. This isn’t noticeably in one direction or the other.

Overall, I’m still pretty happy with it. Most of us just want the figure to just sit and chill in the display without any worries.


Lunar Toy Store: $320.99+$5 (Shipping) = $325.99

Saber Alter info

Matou Sakura’s figure comes with an extra part for Saber Alter

Otakusinh’s collection here


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