The Battle Begins! Tanjiro vs Daki! Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 4 “Tonight” Review

We left off the last episode with a nice cliffhanger. Oiran Warabihimi aka. Daki is revealed to be the demon running around the entertainment district under the House of Kyogoku. She realizes that the Demon Slayer Corps are on her trail and she ends the last episode by ensnaring Zenitsu.

Tengen Uzui’s Troublesome Decision

After Zenitsu stopped checking in with Uzui, he realizes that he underestimated the situation that they are in. If it’s an upper level demon they are dealing with, he estimates that the boys don’t have a chance, as their ranks are too low. He gives them a chance to flee and survive for the long haul with the assumption that the houses would think that they “ashinuke’d.” Then, Tengen Uzui decides to act on his own without Inosuke and Tanjiro.

This is an interesting move on Tengen Uzui’s part because now, Inosuke and Tanjiro are most likely going to act on their own; leaving everyone to be even more vulnerable. Bad for them, good for the viewer I’d say. You’ll see what I mean as we move on.

Tengen Uzui makes his move

The scene with the mice nicely sets up Tengen Uzui’s next move. Realizing the immediate danger, he begins to directly threaten the House of Kyogoku’s guy manager about the whereabouts of Zenko(Zenitsu) and Hinatsuru. Of course, he spills the beans about Warabihimi, as he wants revenge for Omitsu’s death from the previous episode.

Two times throughout this episode, we get teased of how strong Uzui is. Once, when Inosuke didn’t sense him arrive at the rooftop meeting and then when he started his direct interrogation at the House of Kyogoku.

Tanjiro & Inosuke Make their Move

Inosuke is convinced that the demon is at the House of Ogimoto and Tanjiro ends up saying his last goodbyes to Oiran Koinatsu of Tokito. Inosuke and Tanjiro agree to meet up at the House of Ogimoto after Tanjiro clears up his investigation the same day at the House of Tokito. As Tanjiro shows up to the Tokito residence, he has an interaction with Oiran Koinatsu. We are all Koinatsu, as no one actually believed that Tanjiro was actually good at cosplaying a girl named “Sumi.” We have to thank Tengen Uzui’s charm to get the house to pick up “Sumi.”

Because of Tanjiro being tardy, we get Inosuke suiting up in his typical boar gear from a helping hand of mice aka “Ninju.” As impatient of a person Inosuke is, he deploys himself.. Tanjiro leaves the House of Tokito too late. On the way to rendevous with Inosuke, the sun is setting and he sniffs out danger. The scent is so strong, I guess it got pass all the other disgustingly strong smells that involve a midnight shag. Ultimately, that demonic scent leads him into Daki and Koinatsu.

A low-key good subplot unexplored

Koinatsu is depicted to be the “good person” oiran, who actually cares about others. She is supposed to be wife’d up and move into a “normal kind of life.” In a world and environment where the lifestyle is bleak, we are presented with a good feel, small glimpse of goodness; amongst the dark entities that reside in a town full of pleasure, lust and normalization of missing people. Of course, when something seems too good, it usually is..

Tanjiro vs Upper Level 6 Ranked Demon Daki!

As Tanjiro appears in a window sill witnessing Koinatsu about to be “Daki dinner”; here, Tanjiro explains Daki’s abilities to absorb humans into her sash. Terrifyingly, we get to see a part of Koinatsu’s upper body just floating, while the bottom half is not even visible. Can anyone think of another anime character with this kind of ability?

A stronger version of Tanjiro is here

After taking the initial hit from Daki, Tanjiro questions his own power, but realizes he is stronger than he was before and to not be fearful. Twice this episode, we are told that the boys are stronger. Earlier when Inosuke reveals that their rank was raised to ‘Kanoe,’ the rank right below Kanao’s and the current scene described. This sets up the viewer, knowing that we are getting a stronger Tanjiro version that’s still not quite hashira level, but is able to defend himself. This isn’t the Mugen Train Arc anymore, where him and Inosuke were too weak and frightened to even challenge try to challenge Akaza.

Not only does Tanjiro take on Daki head on, he was able to separate the part of the sash Koinatsu was connected to. In typical shonen fashion, the episode ends with Tanjiro building his resolves as he MUST take down upper ranked demon 6 by himself.

Tengen Uzui’s Cool Ability to Control “Ninju, The Muscular Mice”

We already know that Tengen Uzui is going to be strong, as he is a hashira. What we don’t know is what other abilities and layers to his character that make him that much more interesting. With his background as a shinobi, we get to see through Inosuke, that he utilizes these super yoked up mice as his spies and attendants. When you build your profile by being off-screen, it increases the epic-ness of a character that much more!

Anime vs Manga

Season 2, episode 4 covered chapters 75 -76.

The beginning scene with Koinatsu was anime only.


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