Sumika and Tsundere Elf Make Their Moves! Uncle From Another World Episode 4 [Review]

This episode focuses heavily on the female leads of Sumika and Elga, the “Tsundere Elf.”

Sumika Courts Takafumi

The episode starts off with another great hook as Ojisan, Takafumi and Sumika watches another one of Sumika & Takafumi’s childhood memories. Sumika continues being this plastered face looking bully. Being the baddest of all the bullies, she ends up standing up for Takafumi from some other bullies without really realizing she’s standing up for Takafumi. This results in Takafumi and Ojisan admiring Sumika as Sumika watches reluctantly.

This scene was like another tagline scene to the revelations of Sumika being this disgusting looking bully from the previous episode. This really was a good unexpected punchline that no one saw coming!

As Ojisan admires Sumika’s “bravery” for standing up to Takafumi, she reveals that she actually becomes more “girly” by middle school. In an attempt to seduce Takafumi, she thought it was a good idea to send him a picture of her in a bathing suit when she was younger. Takafumi, rightfully, deleted it because of you know.. you can get arrested for that kind of stuff.

Why did Sumika think her middle school bathing suit picture would help woo Takafumi? Is Takafumi into lollis?!

Continuing the formula of Takafumi being painstakingly unaware of Sumika’s romantic interest in him, he leaves after being excited for an ad on coffee beans. This leaves Ojisan to display his wisdom upon Sumika once again. This timewithout being in hot elf form.

Ojisan as character is shaping up to fit a predictable formula. He’s Takafumi’s interestingly crazy genius uncle that every now and then displays peak adult wisdom. When he does, that is where many of the punchline derives from. You’ll this come to fruition as we continue further through the scenes of the episode.

In Sumika’s defiance against Ojisan’s wisdom, she accidentally makes Ojisan spill his coffee. In a rushed moment of panic, he uses a cold spell to freeze the coffee in mid-air, while almost freezing Sumika. Ojisan warms her back up with a fire spell and politely allows her to take a shower while he steps out of the apartment. He leaves some of Takafumi’s clothes as a replacement for her own drenched clothing.

For the first time in the show, Sumika becomes the alluring eye candy that I didn’t think she’d be. Sumika showering and showing quite a bit of skin caused the testosterone in my teabag to work in overdrive. As for the situation of putting on another man’s clothing, there’s definitely some underlining romantic, phermonal, erotic tension building and being released in this scene.

Also, it looks like the gag of Sumika not believing in Ojisan’s magic is sadly, long gone.

Once Sumika gets done taking a shower, she starts to put on Takafumi’s clothes and Takafumi comes barging in asking “why is the curtain closed?” In an embarrassed shocking moment that would almost freeze time, Takafumi feels the man’s tingle as he blushes and looks away. Sumika screams, but realizes that she can capitalize on this moment to seduce her future man. Using this opportunity to get Takafumi’s affection, she goes to his room to get him to “get the hint.” In reality, Takafumi doesn’t understand the social cues at all. In his own way of taking “responsibility” for making a huge mistake of seeing Sumika changing clothes, he calls for Ojisan to come back home for an emergency use of the spell to erase his memory. Sumika devastated, tries to convince him not to do so and even mentions how “it would just happen again.”

Like uncle, like nephew. That’s how the saying goes right? This reminds me a lot of the ongoing gag of Yami Sukehiro and Charlotte Roselei of Black Clover. It’s a lot more fun to try to get characters shipped than already have them set sailed right?

Tsundere Elf Gets Her Payback

When the 2nd half of the episode begins, we figure out that Sumika turns 20. Since Ojisan doesn’t have anything prepared to give Sumika, he imparts his Ojisan wisdom on her saying 「ピンチはチャンス」meaning “a pinch is a chance.” Then, he goes on about one of his epic memories about his first alcoholic beverage that he experienced in isekai.

On the previous episode, I didn’t realize the Tsundere Elf from the first episode was the same elf. Pardon my “un-intelligible-ness.”

Anyways, the Tsundere Elf makes a comeback once again to follow the studmuffin Ojisan. They catch up on everything that happened in the previous episodes like when he slayed the dragon in episode 2, how he learned how to use different kind of spells and how in the world he became so OP?! Like most of these stories in the previous episodes, there’s always a nice premise and setup for an epic punchline!

Premise: Ojisan speaks with Tsundere Elf and woos her in conversation. Abruptly, he uses that alpha Ojisan swag to convince the Tsundere Elf to go back with him to his Inn.

Setup: The Tsundere Elf plays her role well as she tries to fend off Ojisan’s manly advances. Slowly but surely, she warms up to Ojisan and gets blushingly embarrassed as she makes it back to Ojisan’s inn.

Punchline: HARD slam shut! Like what any alpha would do, Ojisan used Tsundere Elf just to make it back home safely. It was revealed that Ojisan was actually drunk all along.

The isekai story moves to the next day when Ojisan and the Tsundere Elf wakes up. Both Takafumi and Sumika were devastated for the blue-balled elf. Sumika convinces Ojisan to drink in anger, which leads to Ojisan taking the three mid-air in drunken float.

Last Thoughts

All in all, this was another well put together episode from start to finish. The only downside is maybe the hook of the episode could have been something more fresh? Still, it contained a lot of funny momentum from the previous episode, hence why I referenced the scene earlier as a “tagline” to a punchline.

One really big thing that really jumped out by the end of the episode was the fact that I was really entertained without needing much eye-popping animation. I’ve quickly invested myself into the characters’ motivations and their relationship dynamics. How the episodes were constructed and presented through these past 2 episodes have been very entertaining and well paced. There was even a really fun scene after the ending credits that leaves some parts up to interpretation. It’s more like a tease to ruffle the “adult tension.” In the end, this episode gives us some more well executed jokes, while playing off of Ojisan and Takafumi’s lack of romantic awareness. This anime is definitely becoming a diamond in the rough on Netflix!


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