Milim Nava, Tensura, “B-style” Bunny Ver. By FREEing [Figure Review]

Fishnet Milim Nava Bunny or Bare Legs Bunny?

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Milim Nava FREEing, B-style Bare Leg Bunny version info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


¥22,464 (Figure)+ ¥8,330 (EMS shipping) = ¥30,794

$167.42 + $62.08 = $229.50


Ordered on 11/25/2021
Paid on 07/28/2022
Shipped on 07/29/2022
Arrived on 08/05/2022

Hobbylink Japan (HLJ)

I’ve always had a positive experience with HLJ. When I decided to get into this hobby, HLJ was one of the top Google searches that popped up. After some extensive research (Reddit), HLJ looked to be a safe bet to import anime figures from Japan.

Ordering wise, it’s easy to make orders, combine & separate orders and cancel them if you need to. It’s all done on their website interface and if you send all of your orders to your “Private Warehouse.” In your Private Warehouse, you can save all of your orders that is paid for and ready to ship for up to 60 says. Sometimes, they give you discounts on shipping and some on available products. That is where their competitive advantage lies compared to other stores Japanese anime figure stores.

HLJ’s catalog of anime figures isn’t as big as some of the other stores. I usually don’t see Aniplex, eStream, Sega and other more exclusive figure releases on their website. Although, I’ve seen HLJ, Hobby Search and CDJapan catch some RAH restocks on Archer and Levi last year. There are some resin figures that end up popping up now and then.

Hobby-Genki and HLJ are my “go to” AmiAmi alternatives. If they continue to do Black Friday deals each year, you can be sure most of my pre-orders during the end up of the year will be used through HLJ.

Overall, HLJ is great and trustworthy site to buy anime figures from. Their best attributes are that they regularly give discounts on shipping and make it easy to combine & construct your shipping however you like with an instant quote!

Shoutouts to HLJ for ACTUALLY having a true Black Friday Sale overseas!

HLJ Shipping

HLJ has excellent packing. They usually pack light and is very effective in still keeping everything in good shape. Like AmiAmi, they have their own branded shipping boxes.

FREEing “B-Style” Bunny Version Box

This would be my 3rd bunny. There’s nothing too exciting about the box. The box came clean and clear of any noticeable dents and dings. Opening the box, it comes with the typical 2 piece plastic containers. There’s the little cowlick hair piece and the 2 bunny ears that has an extra seal to keep it in place.


As you can tell from the pictures above, the figure is wrapped in a ton of different plastic and bubble wrap. Just exercise caution when you remove them. Otherwise, there is nothing else that is of noticeable concern.

The figure comes with some placement holders already on the figure’s head. All you have to do is remove those 2 white pieces on her head and insert the bunny ears into the holes. After that, you’ll just put the cowlick hair onto her head.


When it comes to any defects, I honestly did not see much of anything. There’s a little tiny black smudge on her ears and a minor paint chip on her side hip. Other than that, it looks to be in pristine condition.

What stands out to me most about the Milim Bunny and the fishnet one is how much older she looks. Her normal form makes her look not age appropriate, so it would look pretty damn creepy if they didn’t make her look closer to her listed 2000 years of age. I’m not a big fan of lolli designed characters like Milim, but I really do like the dynamic between herself and Rimuru Tempest. This is totally my line in the sand when it comes to blurring those lines. Lolli stuff aside, I really do like this mature looking Milim, especially over the Ques Q version. I am getting the Shion Bunny pretty soon, so both would go great alongside the F:Nex Rimuru Tempest scale. 

If I go for any figures that have little to no special effects, the 1/4th scale B-styles are pretty much my go-to’s. On these B-Style bunnies and non-bunnies, bigger is often better for these designs. Typically, FREEing gets the sculpting to look on point. FREEing has pretty much cornered the anime figure market with these PVC 1/4th scale sized figures. Most of the other 1/4th scale figure options are mostly resins, which could range anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars. FREEing 1/4th scale B-Style figures are at the high end of the PVC anime figure market. They are deserving of most of their high price tags, but I would love to see another competitor or FREEing change up some of the designs. Pop Up Parades are coming in XL sizes, but I’m weary of the quality and lack of a good dynamic design.

Just don’t make the special effect flames cost $3000+ ya’ bastards!!!!

Bare Legs Vs Fishnets

If I had to choose, I would totally go for the “fishnet Milim” over the “Bare Legs” version. In some cases like the Elizabeth Bunny, I don’t think the fishnets would look as good. The long stocking on her right leg is more in character. In general, I would go for the fishnets, but sometimes the pose and character changes the outlook. Imagine a “Bare Legs Rimuru Bunny,” that would be travesty. Fishnets go so well with the bunny look.

The Raphtalia and Milim “Fishnet” Bunnies both have a similar design by being on their knees. In both designs, I would prefer the fishnets.

Not to turn this into a fashion blog post, but I looked online to look at different kinds of outfits and creative ways designers used fishnets.. My conclusion is that fishnets should just stay as an accessory. The subtleness of showing a little bit of skin on the legs is the perfect balance of erotic, while still staying classy and mature.

This Milim Bunny in particular has a sexy, attractive and submissive look without going overboard like those 18+ erotic kind of figures. I buy these figures because I like the characters, the popularity of the bunnies (because value and demand matters to me), and these are the best balance between sexy and classy, which makes the bunny figures the best figure line for fan “service-y” kind of figures. All in all, I am a fan of both styles, but if I was forced to choose, I would go with the fishnet Milim Bunny.

If you missed out on the fishnet Milim like I did, I think this is still a worthy option for $200-260. I said in my YouTube video that I would be mad if FREEing created another B-Style figure of her, but I would actually welcome another option in a 1/4th scale. However, if you are a fan of Milim, she has so many damn scales that you’re bound to find something you’ll like of her. For me personally, I am picking up the eStream Rimuru & Milim scales coming out at the end of the year. I am also getting the Milim Alter scale coming in October. That one by far is the most accurate looking figure of Milim. After that, I think I’m done collecting figures of her unless another B-Style figure comes out that I like.

Say No to Male Bunny Style Figures!

No.. Just no.. I see the comments. I am aware that there is a decent sized demand for Bunny Style male figures. Although, FREEing would be losing out on male customers like myself, if they turn characters like Satoru Gojo, Uzui Tengen and other really popular & masculine male characters into bunnies. If they released these kinds of characters into bunnies, then I’d still be happy for those of you that get it, but I would be sad for myself.. I’m guessing that most of the male bunnies that do get released have a mainly female audience. Please don’t turn my favorite guy characters into bunnies!


Comparing the pictures I took versus having the figure in-person, I think it looks a bit better in person.

Last Thoughts

If you don’t already have the fishnet version of this Milim Bunny figure, I think you’ll be surprised as to how much you’ll still like this figure. However, I do like the fishnet version a little more. After market prices for the “fishnet version” are still relatively close in price to the “Bare Legs” one, so people still have an option to buy either. If you want to get the “Bare Legs” version, she is still available at most Japanese online retail stores. If you’re from the US, none of the stores have received her just yet, but there will be opportunities to get it.

Figure Updates & Preview


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