Ranking of Kings, Episode 21 “The Swordsmanship of a King” [Review]

This episode continued to fill-in the blanks of the story, while still leaving much that needs to be explained. With a riveting display of animation of Bojji vs Bosse, the end of the episode leaves us still wanting more.

Making sense of Miranjo

She lost her mother, her face and her innocence. The last thing she didn’t want to lose was King Boss. So, it seems that is what led her to cause all of this tragedy as an outlet, as a cause and an effect and a reflection to what happened to her childhood. Still, is this an acceptable answer for destroying everything that King Bosse built? More answers may be given with an impending battle with the devil.

The Biggest Test For the “Big 4”

Finally, it goes without saying that we can conclude that King Bosse has indeed, tested “The Big 4’s” resolve and loyalty. This scene was a very uplifting moment for Bojji, as everything that has gone against Bojji in the beginning, has now contrasted with good fortune.

Even though it was not explicitly stated, King Bosse put these 4 characters in positions to do what they think is best. It goes all the way back to episode 8, when Prince Bojji was born that King Bosse created a kingdom that can be inherited by his son. When King Bosse is inside Prince Daida’s body, and asked who they had loyalty to, it makes 100% sense that they would choose Bojji. Even Bebin, who thinks Daida deserves to be king, understands that the right decision is to fight King Bosse and defend Bojji.

As uplifting as this scene was for Bojji, after seeing the “Big 4,” get trounced by Ouken, it deflates the feeling you have for them having any chance against the strongest person in the world.

Bojji vs Bosse

Let’s just say they upped the animation quite a bit for this fight scene. Depicting King Bosse in his original giant form, while being in Daida’s body makes for a good cinematic-like decision.

What this fight sorely missed was a true back and forth match. While the animation looked great, it seemed more like eye candy. They seem to have pushed Bojji’s ascension of strength a bit too fast. He just went from almost dying from fighting Ouken, to defeating his old man in a couple of minutes. Because of the lack of character for Ouken to be of any relational relevance and Bosse’s overpowered strength, along with his weird entry into the fight—we get a downer of development for Bojji. Bojji himself, did not overcome Ouken. That becomes a bummer of an buildup to this fight, that ends as predictable as can be.

Bojji’s character development continues

Now, after easily defeating the strongest person in the show, the real intriguing development for Bojji will be how he handles saving Miranjo from the devil. With Daida returning back to his body, there is clearly going to be a “who’s the king now?” situation.

A possible explanation for Bosse’s contradictory actions throughout the series

The buildup of Bosse’s involvement with Miranjo has been quite a question mark. You may even think contradictory, regarding basically everything: the story, his relationships, Queen Hiling’s “hit job,” how he’s treated the “Big 4,” the devil, etc . Through the actions of this episode, we may now have a suitable explanation for all the confusing decisions up to this point. As both the soul of Miranjo and Bosse ascend to the sky, Bosse mentions “leaving it up to Daida,” as Daida has regained his body once again. Throughout the previous episodes, where Daida watched his father’s memories and spent time with the young Miranjo, Bosse has essentially passed on his ‘will’ to Daida. In the final episodes, Prince Daida may be the vehicle to our answers to end this Bosse and Miranjo story.

Last thoughts

What this episode continues to reveal is how much contradictions there seems to be with many of these characters. While, some can soon be answered in the last 2 episodes, it makes for a jarring viewing experience. I really think this series could have used a couple more episodes in between these past 2-3, to really fill-in better pacing. Instead of taking advantage of some of these fights to build more character development and give more thrilling back and forth action, it seems to just be a transition to the next plot development. While I do enjoy the show and this episode, it’s clearly not as well done of storytelling as the beginning of the season.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?


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