Archer, Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works, RAH [Figure Review]

This figure was back ordered for months, as it looks like we finally got a restock on Archer from the popular Fate franchise. I’ve seen this on a few other sites listed as “back ordered” like Hobbysearch, CD Japan and Solaris Japan, so I was pretty excited to pick up a figure that was released in 2015.



Was the quality below expectations?

When I was looking at the pictures online, I was on the fence with this figure. The prototype pictures doesn’t do it justice, as I was pretty wowed by the size of the scale and the smoothness of the paint. There was some weird glue residue of some sort on the bow, but nothing that takes away from the overall figure and pose.

When I first got the figure out, I made the mistake of trying to remove the whole head off and move some parts of his body with a bit of force. It turns out, that’s not what you are suppose to do, but my point here is that the figure didn’t just fall apart or break in any way. Thank goodness..

No instructions?

I must be a real idiot, but it would be nice if it came with instructions to help assemble the pieces together. Most of the time, I could be using too much force and end up breaking some pieces. Though, it did come with a manual to show the limitations of the joints.

Assembling the figure was kind of painful..

The title might be a bit of an exaggeration, but connecting the bow to the hand was really hard, hence the above criticism about “no instructions.” When you have parts where you basically have to shove it into a hole or lift parts apart from each other to make it fit, there’s just so many things that could go wrong: chipping the paint, breaking the pieces and just overall uncertainty. I make it sound a lot worse, but it does take some time to figure everything out.

Too big for detolf display with bow

Unfortunately, you are going to have to go with the sword poses or weaponless pose, if you want to fit it inside a detolf. You can modify or put in a billy bookcase if you want it to be sheltered from dust.

20390 JPY+4350 JPY = 24740 JPY

$194.32 w/10% off HLJ end of year deal + $41.16 =$235.48

Overall, HLJ’s prices are a bit higher than other sites like AmiAmi, Hobbysearch and CD Japan. Their shipping with DHL tends to be lower so far in my experience than AmiAmi, so it does kind of balance itself out. They had a Black Friday Sale that gave you a 10% off code that lasted the rest of the year if you bought within a certain date. That 10% off makes them a bit more attractive to purchase from them.

This is definitely a fair to premium market price for the “Real Action Heroes,” line by Medicom. Eventually, I will compare my Saitama Season 2 Deluxe 1/6 scale by Threezero, when I do my unboxing video for that figure . That is the only other one that I own that is part of the “doll-like” line with tons of accessories and it only cost around $140.

Archer Pictures

Last Thoughts

Anytime I have bought a figure, I always thought of the quality first. Please don’t break. Please just fit and do what you were made to do. Then, it is the price. Looking at other figures on the market, you can find better deals, just NOT for this specific character. Pricing wise, I find it fair and reasonable, as the show is about 7 years old now or longer if you count the original Fate/stay night. Overall, this figure is probably the best one to get because of the restock and not having to buy inflated reseller prices. As 2021 is the biggest rise in inflation we’ve seen in 30 years, it is nice to be able to get something that is fair.

RAH Archer info

I bought RAH Archer here

Otakusinh’s collection here


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