Not Worth it?! Fate/stay night 15th Anniversary Celebration Dress (Premium Box) Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou & Saber Figure Review

Is the premium box worth it or should you just just buy the figures individually?

*Updated 02/14/2022 9:06 AM Central

The Fate series is a huge franchise in the anime figures market, with tons of different companies and version of characters we get to see in figure form. This past Summer of 2021, I binged all of Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks and Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel movies. Recently, I just finished the original Fate/stay night path. Fate/Zero made me an instant fan and I can’t get over the fact that more franchises don’t pull the “multiverse” route to make more content for their shows. Anyways, this post is about the title listed above, so let’s get into it.

Unboxing Video

Issues & Concerns

Dress hangs off display and doesn’t all fit into a detolf

Most collectors and figure enthusiasts run into the problem of being able to display their figures. It’s widely advertised across the community to get an Ikea detolf or a billy bookcase. In this case, the detolf can fit 1 or 2 figures, but not all three on one shelf. Luckily, if you have a billy bookcase, it fits, but there are some space constraints — just want to warn people to not push the figures all the way back or you’ll end up damaging the back your figure. Leave some space! There is enough room for it to fit comfortably and look decent in the bookcase.

Painting is a little off

I wouldn’t say the painting was subpar, but it was a bit more noticeable on certain places when you examine it a bit closer. At first glance and even making the unboxing video, you can’t really tell unless you look for it.

The figures are not interchangeable..

I was pretty disappointed when I tried to switch Rin to the front and move Saber to the side. All three platforms or bases look like they are designed to look the same and have the same proportions. The main part (shown below) that connects all 3 bases together, comes separately. I doubled checked the instruction manual and it didn’t say anything about being flexible in switching the figures around. You would think they would give you that ability?

The only part that is interchangeable is Sakura and Rin’s platform, you can move them into another hole if you are going to display them singularly. The above pictures show where you can make a new hole and fill in the other.

Price is reasonable… until you meet shipping

I paid 37,300 JPY + 18,700 JPY (EMS shipping) = 56,000 JPY

Conversion to USD as of 01/04/2022 ($321.30 + $161.08 = $482.38)

Surprisingly, the price I paid off of AmiAmi, would be roughly what I would pay in the states with tax included. You may be able to get it closer to the $450 or less range if you shipped surface parcel or from a US retail store that doesn’t charge you tax. We all know that big packages come with a big price tag, so people shouldn’t be surprised at all. Still, the big shipping price tag has let me seen these “premium boxes” hang around HLJ, AmiAmi and other stores as in-stock weeks pass release date.

Is it worth it though?

This is probably not worth near the $500 price you will pay. You are better off buying each one individually, according to which character you like; unless you really want all three characters, this giant box and a bonus picture frame. There’s nothing too amazing about it besides the bonus and box. If you are tight on space, you might want to avoid this too, but it’s up to you. This is one of the cases where I think the ‘premium’ is a bit oversold. Though, figures are always simple supply and demand. I am a guy and totally not their target market, so I can still see these figures as being valuable to the larger segment of the market (girls). I actually have 1 more one the way from Big Bad Toy Store. I’m going to hold onto that one and see how much value it can hold in the after market, while I have these current ones on display.

*Updated 02/14/2022 9:06 AM Central* I actually decided to cancel my pre-order off of BBTS and save that money for another figure. I went ahead and ate the 20% down payment of about $91.20.

You can find each figure individually for around $160.00 at a US online retail store. If you buy overseas, you can get a better price if you pick the cheaper, slower shipping options. It does look like a good deal to buy all three if you wanted all 3.

Box Pictures

Sakura Matou Pictures

Rin Tohsaka Pictures

Saber Pictures

Completed Figure w/ Bonus

Tohsaka Rin figure info

Saber figure info

Matou Sakura figure info

Otakusinh’s collection here


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