[Top 5] What Stands out on Attack on Titan, Season 4 Part 2, Episode 17 “Judgment”

What expects to be an epic finale of a season, with certainly tons of mixed opinions. Let’s hope the fans get one last fantastical ending to one of the greatest animes ever!

Here are 5 Most Noticeable Parts About this Episode!

1. The most OP and badass character is close to his deathbed

The episode opens up the best way possible, with rain and silence. A bloodied Captain Levi, who is now missing parts of his body from the explosion that Zeke set off — is not going to be the same badass Captain Levi that we know and love anymore.. If you were rooting for Hange and everyone not part of the ‘Yeagerists’, the one guy that had ‘Lu Bu’ ability to make it seem like it can still workout somehow in their favor, is now down and out.

2. Admiring Pieck’s qualities

In a series that’s quickly becomes a, “wait a minute, should I even be rooting for Eren anymore?!” You start to admire what other characters does for the show. She fulfills a role that none of the other Marley Eldians have: smart, cunning and caring. What about Commander Magath you say? He’s kind of a racist and a dick with no redeeming abilities.. so NO.

You can’t have a show where all of the characters are dumb and frustrating. Giving us characters that we can hold onto to make smart decisions, is very important! *Cough, Cough* “Guilty Crown.” The only comedic relief in this episode was the funny scene of her freaking out over her hand, after asking Porco to help turn her into a titan was hilarious.

3. Marley’s surprise attack, in contrast to Paradis Island’s surprise attack on Marley

This episode is all about Marley taking advantage in every aspect possible. From shooting down the Survey Corp Scouts, Pieck packing titan piercing weapons, Reiner and Porco double teaming Eren and even Gabi making her way back to Marley’s side. This episode represented one aspect and that was making us believe Marley has the ability to subdue Eren’s plan with Zeke.

Typically, you would have a tense fight sequence where each side ends up getting the upper hand. It felt like the whole time, Eren was in defensive mode. Not only having 2 titans fighting you, but the Cart Titan picking you off from afar is not ideal. Plus, there wasn’t any dramatic music change to render any shifts in emotion. This just leads us to believe that there is some tricks up Eren’s sleeve that we don’t know about yet. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

4. Yelena is such a wasted character

Yelena screams “plot device” as a character. There’s nothing wrong with a character you need to do stuff in order to move along the story along, but damn is she annoying. She reminds me of a character like Danzo in “Naruto Shippuden.” A character that no one likes, but is needed for many other interesting events to happen, in order to build everyone else’s character. There isn’t any quality she displays in this episode or in the show that anyone is going to particularity point to as, “she makes the show better by being here.” If you read all of the manga, then it’s even more painful to deal with this character.

5. Reiner is Ready

Back in Part 1 of the Final Season, the first few episodes basically showed Reiner’s PTSD from invading Paradis Island and everything that ensued. At the end of the first part of the final season, we see Reiner losing the will to want to fight. Even Gabi had to wake him up from his own self-pity. While, he did use up a lot of energy saving Falco, he put up a measly showing against Eren, especially when everyone needs you..

With Marley’s surprise plan attack intact and Reiner having time to get his mind correct, we see a confident Reiner floating down from his parachute getting ready to fight Eren. It’s a quick flip in perception of a character that each season has given us. That scene of him coming down in that parachute is ingrained in my brain as the kind of Reiner we’ll get this season.

Last thoughts

Many characters have changed for better or worse. Sometimes the mystery and mystique is better than the reveal. The beginning scene of Zeke’s explanation of being rebuilt by a ‘girl’ in a timeless world and Zeke’s child-like belief in this “euthanization plan” has the ingredients for a ‘meh’ kind of ending. The journey is always better than the end. I hate to be that guy with that mindset, but that’s what it is for me. What do you guys think though? Did you guys see anything that sparked any thoughts? Does anyone low-key like Pieck more than all the other characters like I do? Let me know!


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