A Must See Moment for Tanjiro! Demon Slayer “Entertainment District Arc” Episode 6 “Layered Memories” Review

Upper Ranked Demon 6, Daki, versus Tanjiro continues, as one of the best animated fight sequences is enshrined in history this episode!

A Crucial Moment to Remember

As Daki starts absorbing the sash that escaped the underground food chamber, where Uzui and the others were located, she realizes that a hashira is in the entertainment district. Hoping to please Muzan Kibutsuji, her strength and physical appearance starts to change. When a angered townsman comes out to complain about the noise, Daki then shoots a knifing attack that blood-gushingly slices the townsman’s hand off and deeply gashes Tanjiro’s upper left shoulder as he is trying to defend the man.

The anime did a really good job showing the damage and terror that Daki inflicts. Houses were blown to bits, other townspeople met their end and blood dripping everywhere. If there was a time in this arc to feel like things are looking really bleak and in dire straits, this is the moment.

Great scene of just pure devestation

Daki got so excited about the hashira that after her explosive attack, was ready to bounce. Her hubris was full on display. The viewer was most likely thinking, “is she just going to up and leave like nothing happened?” Everyone in the area is mortified, injured or dead. She must have really thought that that gash would be enough to stop him? It’s kind of an odd move to make, but bad guys tend to do something like this.. Then, this leads us to the classic trope of a scene, where Tanjiro does the ole’ “I won’t let you get away with this” type of line. Then, Daki gives us the, “y’all ain’t s**t, I’m out” type of line.

Angry ‘blooshot’ Tanjiro after hearing what Daki’s response is to destruction

An Apology From Rengoku Shinjuro ( (れん) (ごく) (しん) 寿 (じゅ) 郎) (ろう)

Here, we get a nice flashback between Kyoujurou’s father and Tanjiro after their encounter in the first episode of the arc. After learning why Kyoujurou’s father became the drinking slob that melted in his own inadequacy, he suddenly came back to his senses; probably, because of his meeting with Tanjiro and the death of his talented son. Also, that everyone that had a “red scar” on their forehead was a bearer of these techniques. Tanjiro explains that he actually got hit on the head saving his little brother and later at Final Selection. His father had one, but not him.

Tanjiro’s Second Wind

We’ve seen Tanjiro get badly injured like this before in the Mugen Train Arc. He couldn’t use recovery breathing, but was able to pull through after using the Hinokami Kagura twice.

With his training, lives being lost and being backed against the corner, the recipe that is the crescendo of Tanjiro’s next really big moment is here. Now.. queue the music for the epic elevation of a character’s resolve — he dashes to a stop and makes two swings at Daki. Daki is now back on guard and the young naive Tanjiro gives the cliche line of questioning like, “why you got to be a bad guy, and kill people huh?!”.

Daki’s condescending answers were all hysterical in response to Tanjiro. It was in that moment, when his demeanor changed. This became an angered, but more stoic version of Tanjiro. You can tell that the scared version of him was no more as the show became a bit more tense. The evidence lies within all of his attacks. Look at the way he fought, devising a plan within the middle of the fight and making his attacks in an “even-toned” voice. It reminded me of the way that Tomioka fights — just chill vibes with he announces his moves. That contrast from how he usually fights just hit different, in a good way.

Interestingly, Daki gets a flashback that isn’t hers. It was Muzan Kibutsuji’s flashback fighting against a swordsman that said the same thing. You know, a guy with a red scar, which is an obvious hint, in relation to the scene with Shinjuro earlier. Also, Daki seeing memories of Muzan is a hint, hint at something that may matter down the line in this arc.

The Best Fight Scene Yet! Blood Demon Art vs Hinokami Kagura

Blood Demon Art “Eight-Layered Obi Slash!”
“Burning Bones, Summer Sun”

We get a full animation of Daki’s Blood Demon Art and Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura. Nothing can describe this scene better than just saying to yourself — ‘tiiiight~’. I’m sure this fight will be clipped on YouTube for years to come. Just insanely epic.

Getting Bailed Out!

It was amazing to see Tanjiro get his epic moment of outwitting and slicing up one of the strongest characters we’ve seen in a one-on-one showdown , but as amazing as it was, we all knew he was fighting on fumes. Using all of those attacks caught up to him and it looked like he didn’t have any “recovery breathing” left. Daki, doing what all bad guys do, they talk too much about their pray before finishing the job. Thus, we get one of the most insane transition entry to a kick animation ever! What a perfect moment to send chills down my spine!

After Tanjiro goes through his peak, we find out from Daki that Nezuko’s regenerative ability is upper rank level! The mystery surrounding Nezuko has been etched since the first episode and the “how, why, when” type of questions continues. Why does Muzan want Nezuko killed? What’s clear though is Nezuko is going to get the Tanjiro treatment. Her and Tanjiro can be seen as near Upper Rank level in comparison to Daki’ strenth. Though, does this newer transformation from Nezuko have a downfall? I guess we’ll see..

Last Thoughts

What a ride of an episode. We had multiple twists and turns and multiple reveals. Tanjiro used never seen before moves of the Hinokami Kagura and Nezeko revealed a deeper power that hasn’t been seen before.

No scene in this show is ever “filler like.” Everything counts and that is what makes me want to watch this show over and over again. I said the last episode was the best one, but this even beats that last one. I don’t even do ratings, but this episode is definitely a 6 out of 5 stars!

Tanjiro, Nezuko and Daki all had their best moments all in one episode. The animation enhances this show into the top tier of my most recommended anime. It is ecstasy for the eyes and easy to get hooked!

Anime vs Manga

There was nothing too different here. Just another great adaptation of chapters 80 – 83.


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