A New Twist is Revealed! Demon Slayer “Entertainment District Arc” Episode 7 “Transformation” Review

Right where we left off on the previous episode, the episode begins with Nezuko showing never before seen abilities against Daki. As Uzui shows up, a new twist awaits us.

Nezuko’s Upper Level Demon Strength

With all the tough talk at the beginning of the season, Daki is now facing demon that is a level beyond her own. It didn’t matter if Daki sliced Nezuko to bits, she still got repeatedly stomped on. We haven’t seen this fast of limbs regenerating, since Akaza in the “Mugen Train Arc.” The non-stop scene of Daki getting stomped on was brutalizing to watch and showed their difference in abilities.

Once again, we get to see Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art used on a level not scene since the fight with the Spider Demon Rui. That is only after Nezuko, unexpectedly shows the ability to keep her blood connected to her body. It makes you wonder if she would have pulled something like this off against Rui in season 1.

Daki is about to be lit on fire by Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art.

The Most Heartwarming Moment that Gave You Chills

Lost in a rage, Nezuko struggles to retain her humanity. Once in this mindset, you need special people with heartwarming memories to put you back into a ‘humane’ state of mind. We all go to that one place where we can all catch the loving type of feels. That’s the place the middle part of the episode took us.

Nezuko was caught in a bind with her humanity as she couldn’t resist blood in front of her. It’s like dangling a drug in front of a drug addict or enticing someone into a gateway drug, where you know it’s bad, but do it anyways. Getting lost in a rage and losing your sense of self is something many of us can feel. If only we all had a nice memory of a loving mother singing a lullaby that snaps you back into reality. Tanjiro, using his memory of a lullaby, helped bring Nezuko back to that reality. That sense of love and normalcy brings us all to the very place we feel at home, whether that’s the fresh smelling family home cooking in the morning with the siblings or that safe space of your loved ones. This was a get the feels “hush little baby,” get right scene. What a beautiful middle part of the episode. The show’s creators do such a good job transitioning into each each scene with perfect timing and the musical choice matches so well.

Hashira Tengen Uzui is Here!

Tanjiro was in a tight spot holding back Nezuko from killing and eating her first human. The tension and deliberation from Tanjiro’s point of view, made you feel the gut wrenching, back against the corner feeling that Tanjiro is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his hat like he did with the Hinokami Kagura. Tanjiro’s 3rd or 4th wind? Scatch that. Good thing that rabbit in the hat turned out to be flashy ninja.

Tanjiro holding back Nezuko, while Daki is about to make her move

Upper Demon 6 Character Development

After such a fun display of bantering between a demon with its head in its hand. Now, you have 2 personalities with so much hubris, where one of them is still talking trash, while holding its own decapitated head. The question is, how is she still talking?

The tragedy of Daki’s past is slowly revealed

After getting a crying Nezuko, we get a crying, whining, pouting Daki. The build-up of her character development has slowly been inserted throughout the past few episodes. We know how long she’s been demon and what she’s been doing as a demon. Now, we are starting to get the answers to the ‘why’ question. As she is getting burned by Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art, her tragic backstory begins as she gets flashes of her human past—being burned by a swordsman..

Gyutaro, the other half of Upper Demon Rank 6

After Tengen’s incredible display of his strength difference, in one unseen slice, Daki screams for her brother. As he comes into frame, Uzui is already making the attempt to behead the demon. Gyutaro, then avoids it to a surprised Uzui.

When Uzui makes a move throughout the first 6 episodes, it’s usually something subtle, but extremely tantalizing. The glimpses of his abilities are repeatedly shown to be levels beyond our main characters Tanjiro and the others. We’re now going to get Uzui at his best.

Like most brats that cause trouble, Daki gives the crying whining speech from a bully, we eventually fight back against—that makes us question, if karma is actually real. Here he is. The “Upper Rank 6 Demon, Gyutaro.” The family duo reveal is here to fight against our cast of demon slaying heroes. Inosuke and Zenitsu finally make it outside of where Uzui begins fighting Gyutaro.

Gyutaro’s personality & abilities so far

Daki is infatuated with beauty, while her protective older brother is envious of those born with better qualities and opportunities. There’s a reason why they keep mentioning how handsome and perfect Uzui is. It gets even funnier when Uzui knows how awesome he is and taunts Gyutaro with the “I even got 3 wives,” line.

After a nice long speech, we get exactly the kind of introduction that is quite clear what kind of character he is. As he is saying he would kill Uzui under his name, he uses his sickles like a boomerang as Tanjiro, sitting outside, eyes the sickles. He uses an array of different Blood Demon Art, as he is able to bend his blood and warp them into different shapes. His shape of choice, is a sickle. Shown as the perfect contrast to Uzui, we get to witness this envious killer slicing brother of a demon in action.

The Most Badass Moment of the Episode

This 100% goes to Tengen Uzui. In complete disregard for Daki, he appears in front of Tanjiro out of no where to check and see if he and Nezuko are okay. With some back and forth banter between Uzui and Daki, her head falls off out of no where. With his back turned against an Upper Rank Demon a few yards away, this will go down as one of best Tengen Uzui moments ever.

You can bet that I will be writing a very long post after the arc is over, about how great Tengen Uzui is and how “Demon Slayer” can create such a lovable and likeable character in a very short amount of time!

Tragedy we face as a society is the metaphor

No matter your background, there’s tragedy where you come from. That’s how certain negative mindsets and destructive parts of society begin to foster to eventually, come back to bite humanity in the ass. Daki is shaping up to be one of these characters. Mixing beauty with the terrible upbringing, where you almost have no shot at getting out, you get encased in a demonic aura as your outlook in life. The Entertainment District, is a great setting that fits well with these characters. Now, we are introduced with clearly another tragedy that announces pretty much he represents one of the seven deadly sins, envy.

Last thoughts

The pacing of the episode was absolutely amazing. I never felt bored. I felt a wide range of emotions from “tense, backed into a corner” to “sweet memories of being with your loved ones,” and then holy crap did Uzui just do that?! We even had quite a few good laughs for some comedic relief. The last episode is still the best, but this one is the start of bigger crescendo of the aftermath of Daki and Gyutaro versus Tengen Uzui and boys—plus maybe Nezuko. Still, a 4.8/5 beyond solid episode.

Expect more backstory and abilities to be revealed about Tengen Uzui and Gyutaro.

Anime vs Manga

End of Chapter 83 – 86

The end of chapter 84 is where Uzui ends up in front of Tanjiro holding back Nezuko. It was an epic cliffhanger with Daki holding her head in her hands. It hits a bit different, like “holy s**t” different, in the manga; compared to the anime ending after the fight with Gyutaro begins.

The beginning of chapter 86 actually mentions a little bit about Gyutaro’s past. I’m sure it’ll come up in the coming episodes, as this character literally just came out of nowhere.


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