Elizabeth Liones, “The Seven Deadly Sins” FREEing, B-style, Bunny Ver. [Figure Review]

I don’t claim to be a waifu connoisseur of figures, but this figure is convincingly putting me one step closer to it. With the introduction of B-style Bunny version figures from FREEing, the appeal is clear; pose alluringly sexy or cute characters of everyone’s favorite waifus and the money comes rolling in. No matter which anime show you enjoy, there is most likely a bunny figure for you.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review


I bought from AmiAmi.com and they shipped using the 140 size box. I paid 7860 yen to ship EMS. I got it in about a week. The last 120 box with a 1/7 scale figure costed me 7345 yen to ship DHL. As always, they pack the crap out of their box, so I have yet received a damaged figure box.


The box comes with the body of the figure, the base, the 2 ears and another plastic piece to attach to the base. Don’t forget to attach the plastic piece to the back of the base! I ended up putting the figure on the base without it at first and was kind of aloof until I opened the packaging for the ears. It’s just me being dumb, but it’s not like its in the instructions..

Also, make sure to adjust those clear pieces where the pegs go!

These are the ear pieces that come already on the figure. You can remove them to insert the bunny ears.

How Fragile is it?

These bunny figures are pretty big, but this Elizabeth figure is pretty lightweight. There’s nothing on the figure that you really need to be concerned about than maybe the hair? As long as you are careful with the ears and don’t get it hacked off the ceiling or something, this figure is pretty sturdy and it feels that way.

None of the parts or the stand is an area of concern. There’s a very low probability you’ll break something on this figure. Everything fitted exactly where it needed to. as there were no manufacturer errors that I noticed.


Ever since I received the Rimuru figure on the my last review, I do pay special attention to the color palette that the artists choose to paint with. The color contrast with the navy blue and silver hair looks pretty good. But if you look at the prototype, her hair is more grey and has that sleek look to it. I do prefer that prototype picture a bit more than what I have. I’m kind of nit-picky, but that glossier, sleek, shiny kind of look more just adds more of a wow factor. The plain colored paint just makes the figure look a little more dull.

This is very minor, but they did switch out the clear stand for a black base. I prefer the clear stand, but it’s not that big of a deal. I didn’t see any sculpting or painting errors.

If I had to choose what stands out about her, besides that sexy sculpting, it would be her eyes. That right eye has the Goddess Elizabeth eyes, which is a nice subtle touch to her overall look. Overall, it definitely puts a smile on my face when I look at her. Move over Meliodas, she’s mine now!

Bare-legs Vs Fishnets

Honestly, it depends. Frankly, from a guy’s perspective, I just want the figure to look sexy af and it’s not that hard to accomplish that. Though, using my ultimate H&M fashion senses, I think I would have preferred the fishnet version; rather than the long stocking/socks or whatever its called—lol. Giving Elizabeth’s character, she’s portrayed more cute than adult and sexy. So, it makes a lot more sense to go with this more ‘cute’ kind of pose, since it is more in-character. Either way, it’s a ‘buy-able’ purchase in my eyes.

When comparing the Raphtalia Bunny Version, I would prefer the fishnets on that figure, rather than bare-legs. It’s all about the pose. I pre-ordered the Milim Bunny from, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” From those prototype pictures, I don’t think you can go wrong with either versions, but I think the fishnets gives it a more balanced and naturally fits the pose more. If Shion was bare-legged, I don’t think I would mind that look, but being as tall and she is, it might be too much skin for my taste. Put on some damn clothes woman!


If you have a Detolf Display, you are going to have to modify it.


I bought it here!

¥23700+¥7860 (EMS shipping) = ¥31,560

$276.99 + 3% foreign fee ($8.30ish)

I had an old BBVA credit card that got bought out by PNC Bank. They offered a “spend $500 and get $100 statement” credit. I used that card to buy the “Saitama Shibuya Scramble Figure” and this bunny figure so, the 3% foreign transaction fee was still worth it. Let me know if you guys want me to talk about credit cards because I save so much money year round subsidizing costs!


Last Thoughts

Would I recommend this figure? Yes. It is a must have if you are a fan of the show. There’s isn’t many good figures out from this show, besides some expensive resins. FREEing figures are always good quality and for the price of anywhere between $240-340, you would be getting a good bang for your buck. The only small issue I have is the painting on the hair looks more dull than the prototype version and the base is just plain black. Overall, It will certainly maintain its value and be a valuable part of your collection. Let me know what you guys think!

Elizabeth Liones FREEing, B-style info

Otaku Sinh’s collection


[First 4 Figures] All Might: Silver Age (Exclusive) I hit a snag with this figure. I am hoping to resolve it with First 4 Figures customer service before I say anything about it..

Next video up is eStream & Alpha Satellite’s Saitama (Shibuya Scramble Figure).


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