An Unknown Attack Titan Ability Revealed! AoT, Season 4 Part 2, Episode 20 “Memories of the Future” Review [Top 5]

Here are 5 of the Most Notable Parts of the Episode!

1. The memories of Grisha doesn’t make sense until..

After Zeke and Eren make contact in the world where Ymir resides, Zeke takes Eren through their father’s memories. At first, it all seemed to go as Zeke planned. Grisha’s memories at the beginning painted him as a man hell bent on continuing his plan for the restoration of Eldia.. Until more memories started to appear.

Grisha seemed to have located the location of the founding titan years prior to the walls being invaded by Marley. Zeke is quite surprised by this revelation because of how radical he thinks his father is. To Zeke’s surprise, by the time Eren turned 9 years old, Zeke conceded that Eren never became radicalized by his father.

2. The first controversial reveal is explained

The Attack Titan can see the future. I repeat, the power of the Attack Titan is the ability to see the future of the future inheritors. We are now in a more confused spot as a viewer. The most important question that needs to be answered now is, if the Attack Titans can see the future, can the future be changed? Were all the inheritors of the Attack Titan bound by the future memories of Eren? So, how does Eren see the future? It’s kind of confusing.. And I am not sure we’re ever going to get a satisfying explanation for it.

3. The true nature of Eren

Piggybacking off of #2, once it was revealed that the Attack Titan can see memories of the future, this is where I think the show starts to lose people. This is a very vaguely introduced ability that leads to so many more questions that need proper answers to. The toughest pill to swallow is the potential answer that these “future memories” of Eren is the one that manipulated everything up to this point.

Eren’s character is a very grey area. He isn’t your typical good or bad guy. Now, characterizing him as an anti-hero may be what makes the most sense. He’s someone that was born with a personality to always fight back. The flashback scene of him saving Mikasa by killing a man and accepting that that was a necessary thing to do, should be the most telling part about his personality. We have to accept that killing, revenge and destruction of others is in Eren’s wheelhouse of acceptable morality. On the flip side, I can see the argument that it’s self-defense. No matter your take, Eren is the type of character to fight back for what he thinks is the morally right thing to do. That is where the flawed human experience takes fruit in Eren’s character. It’s the most interesting part about this whole show.

When you hear that “YOU and YOUR people should just accept that you should die and pay for the sins that you didn’t create,” does that not make you relate to Eren more in this moment? No one with any will to survive would accept this. Being born into this world should be seen as a blessing. In this moment, I am Eren.

Eren’s angered look when Frieda explains that Eldians should just accept their death

4. The battle over what is morally the right thing to do

This is the part of the series that the whole show wanted us to deliberate over. A group of people that has caused misery many generations ago; which the generation of now is paying for their sins. Are you team Zeke or team Eren?

Is this the morally right thing to do, to let a group of people trapped on an island to perish away? Is coexisting a real possibility. Death, killing, extermination of humans? No matter the reason or cause, are you really okay with saying that a group of people is better off being dead? Are you really okay with Zeke’s plan of euthanization?

In Eren’s point-of-view, is it really okay to kill, in order for the greater good? We live in this contradiction right now. To beat what is perceived as the “bad guy,” how much death are you willing to accept to get to create a world you deem acceptable?

5. The real reason Grisha slaughtered the royals

We are to believe that Eren’s revenge is a reality that he helped manifested and manipulated. A reality where he convinced his own father to slaughter the Reiss family and take the founding titan power—all to save Eldia. Apparently, this future memory version of Eren has the ability to only show his father fragments of his own future. Thus, making his father weary of what Eren has in-store.

You know.. Grisha could’ve just not killed anyone and told Eren to F off, but I digress.

Now, we are stuck with an even more confusing plot shift, as Grisha sounds off to Zeke, that he should stop Eren. The show ends with Zeke and Eren back in the world where Ymir resides.

Last thoughts

As the season continues, we are left pondering with more questions than answers. So, the Attack Titan inheritors can see the future memories of those that possess the Attack Titan in the future? Wouldn’t that mean the last inheritor of the Attack Titan, has the most ability to manipulate everyone before him? How does Eren see the future?

For the past few hours, I have sat back and tried to make sense of the logic of the characters and the thought process of writing this story. Every time I take a break, I come back with a more confusing perspective. As an optimist that wants to enjoy a show and see all the strong points, the anime is starting to mirror the bad taste I had in my mouth from reading the manga the first time. So guys.. Any thoughts?


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