The Best Episode of Attack on Titan! AoT, Season 4 Part 2, Episode 19 “Two Brothers” Review [Top 5]

Here are 5 Most Noticeable Parts About this Episode!

1. The first feeling of real drama hit

You know what’s a great way to start an episode? Put characters you care about in a bind. For the first time this season, we get the first really big decision made by Zeke. Doing so reluctantly and regrettably, turning Falco and many others into pure titans.

Having the viewer face the crossroads between what’s morally the right decision, is one of the best ways to make a compelling character. If the stakes are high enough, what would you really do? The judgement we place on others and ourselves by giving the answer to, “what if you were in his position?” question—will be a never ending debate.

“F**k them kids”

2. The best sequence of the whole show

One after another, something epic happens. The pacing and the animation was perfection for the whole episode.

Porco’s memories of his brother revealing Marcel’s manipulation into Reiner receiving the Armored Titan.

Damn you, Reiner!!

Colt begging Zeke to not scream to save Falco.

Save the kids bro!

Once, Falco turned into a Titan and burnt crisp his own brother, you know this is the “oh shit” episode.

Should’ve gave Falco some ear plugs

Then, Falco eating Porco, which eventually leads to the sharpshooter herself.

Gabi takes out the main character of the show!

Lastly, the whole Zeke reveal.

The way they did those reactions with the 3D-zoomed-in perspectives of all the characters’ went amazingly well—up to the point where Zeke and Eren end up on another space/time world.

3. Is it really over?

What I really like about shows is how it can really seem like a major character’s life is over. We all know that the main character isn’t going to just die and end the show right then and there. It’s the “how are they going to get out this situation?” The explanation of these major series turning of events is the make it or break it moments for a show. This is it right here, for what many “Attack on Titan” fans will be arguing over for a millennia.

With the magnitude of the season, the plot being fully realized, the animators executed on a beautiful start to the end of the show.

4. Zeke has always acted as the most brilliant character outside of Erwin.

If there was anyone left that we can believe to make witty “turn of events” happen, it is Zeke. The episode ended with Zeke, supposedly out smarting Eren for the control of the Founding Titan’s power.

5. So what now?

You know how to end a good show? Keep us guessing. After an “ohmygawd’, that really happened,” moment, we are still left with so many questions to be answered. So who’s going to have the founding Titan power? So why can’t Ymir think for herself? What the hell is this place? What’s going to happen to all the other characters?

Last thoughts

The most compelling shows sometimes have the best mysteries. The closer we get to the reveal, the more disappointed you can feel by the answers presented. This episode did a good job focusing on the build up between half-brothers Eren and Zeke.

After reading the manga, the show is still doing a great job at keeping you hooked for the next big reveal. Some may like the answers, some may hate it, but the journey there is still a really solid one.


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