Something is Wrong.. WarGreymon and Yagami Taichi (Digimon Adventure) MegaHouse, Precious G.E.M. Series [Figure Review]

This is the first figure I actually had to return and it was almost perfect..

After scouring the inter-webs, I noticed WarGreymon in-stock at the Crunchyroll Store. I decided last minute to pick up Megahouse’s Precious G.E.M. WarGreymon with Yagami Tai. The figure looked insane and I’ve been an instant fanboy of the MegaHouse figures, ever since I’ve received the Rengoku Kyoujurou figure. Though this time, there’s something that is SIGNIFICANTLY wrong with this figure..

Unboxing / Assembly / Review



I paid $230.99 with a $15 off coupon by having a Crunchyroll Premium account. That’s pretty much the going rate for any US retail store. They are still in-stock at Ukiyo Kumo and Crunchyroll. On the Myfigurecollection page, the Japanese Yen rate is ¥18,500 for prices in Japan, which comes out roughly $162-ish.

This price is near many other high quality scale figures from other companies like Aniplex’s 1/7 Scale Saber Alter, which was $235 at RightStufAnime. I grabbed RAH Levi Suit Version at around similar prices. At these prices you should be looking at at least a 1/8 scale size and up. Some companies put a higher premium price of $300+ like eStream, but MegaHouse is the best bang for your buck. Figures are generally released with a fair market price, prototypes are well received, quality control is solid and they usually maintain or appreciate in value, meaning demand is very good!

Parts did not fit..

With this figure, you only had 3 parts for WarGreymon (the body and 2 wings) and 2 parts for Tai (the body and stand). Looking at the images below, you can tell the insert placement for the wings to go in is blocking the entry..

*Reddit* Update Solution Regarding Wings w/ Hairdryer

Updated 01/21/2022 3:56 PM Central

Like any sane person searching for answers in life, I went into Reddit to find out what other people are experiencing with their WarGreymon figure. It seems like there’s a decent amount of people having similar issues. Thanks to Redditor ‘SirSpeck’, the simple solution seems to be heating up the pegs with a hairdryer to get it to soften up; before you can try shoving the pieces back in. Check out the Reddit post here in the r/AnimeFigures subreddit.


If it wasn’t for the issues with the wings, this figure is absolutely perfect. The feel, weight, sculpting and painting is everything you would have imagined. It’s heavy duty and sturdy enough to absorb light scratching or bumps. The weight is heavy, but not too heavy that you can’t still fit multiple figures on a Detolf Display Shelf. Comparing to the prototypes and pictures of the original release, it looks even better in person! There wasn’t any paint smudges or errors in any places that wouldn’t be part related. Also, the claws are sharp as s**t! I ended up cutting myself.. I guess they really want WarGreymon to do some damage and take it out on you! Overall, quality is near perfect, besides the manufacturing error on the wings placement.


Last Thoughts

I eventually decided to return the figure. When it comes to maintaining value, I am a huge stickler. I know I’m going to one day end up with not enough space and get sick and tired of certain figures. So, being able to sell a figure is a huge deal for me.

Thank God for Crunchyroll’s lenient policy on returns. They give you up to 30 days to contact them for a return. All I had to do was send them an email. Don’t worry retail stores, I keep all of my figures clean and nicely organized! I believe in karma and integrity! Hopefully, my figure was the only one that was off because I really would recommend getting this one if you are a Digimon fan, especially with a re-release. Hope this helps.


I will be unboxing Sentinel’s Sage from “Ronin Warriors” and FuRyu’s Rimuru Tempest from “That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime,” figures next!

WarGreymon & Yagami Taichi info

Otakusinh’s collection here


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