[Top 5] What Stands out on Attack on Titan, Season 4 Part 2, Episode 18 “Sneak Attack”

Reiner, Porco and many of the other Marley forces have maintained the upper hand in the previous episode. While Zeke and Eren, are forcing their way to make contact to call upon the founding titan power, Armin, Mikasa and the other prisoners escape with Onyonkapon.

Here are 5 Most Noticeable Parts About this Episode!

1. Underestimating Eren’s revenge

This episode showed how much no one really knows about Eren’s plans and motivation. Armin hinted at a flashback, what Eren said about, “Would killing the enemies make them free?” at the beach. Now, Reiner is questioning what Eren is fighting for. All the killing, suffering and mayhem that Reiner has inflicted up to this point, which has led to his chagrin—is projected onto what he thinks Eren thinks. If you would to think back to the episode when Falco led Reiner to him and they had a conversation about being similar. This whole season has been all about what are Eren’s motivations? Why is he doing this? It’s pretty clear they are hinting at something destructively spectacular as all the characters from Paradis Island and Marley start to collide.

2. Forcing Gabi and Falco onto us

It’s a wild move to go into a brand new season with a host of several new characters. All the while, the veteran characters you’d expect to be the main ensemble get less screen time. Making way for a loudmouth misguided angry character like Gabi, to become a central character to the plot. Adding in one of the worst things you can have her do, kill one of the most beloved characters in the series, Sasha.. This episode is the next chapter of Gabi`s character development. It’s to make the viewer like her and frame her, along with Falco to be characters we should be rooting for. After regretting killing Sasha and realizing that the people of Paradis Island are just normal people like her, that is the arc of her character that will change the minds of what most people view her up to this point.

Falco’s motivations are simply, “I’m going simp my way to die for this girl.” Falco is one of the few characters on Marley’s side that you would tend to feel bad for for his naivete. Eren uses him to surprise attack Marley. He gets hit in the head for Gabi, while drinking Zeke’s fluid and now… I guess you’ll just have to see in the incoming episodes. When you go too hard in the paint to save other people, you are the one that ends up suffering. Falco’s answer would probably be, “it was all worth it for Gabi.”

3. The titans fighting is not the main highlight of this episode

When Eren iconically, transformed at the end of episode 5 as Willy Tybur declared war on Paradis Island. There was a special emphasis during that whole attack of back and forth tension. Sure, Porco and Reiner are fighting Eren. Zeke, unsurprisingly shows up and throws a bunch of rocks. However, the choreography of the battle, the pacing between characters away from the battle, all seem to be taking away anything that could have really stood out in this episode. It wasn’t until towards the end of the episode, Zeke almost got blasted away through his nape by Commander Magath’s thunderous shot. With Eren inching closer to bro-touch Zeke, that was the only time real tension built up in my body. This episode was really about all the other characters redefining their motivations to help or not help Eren.

4. Yelena is still annoying

Again, she’s a total plot device. They couldn’t really do anything with her, besides make her act and do crazy stuff, as the main plot is in action the need for Yelena is cast aside. I wish the creator could have made Yelena’s motivations and character a lot more in-depth and interesting. But no, she’s just straight lame.

5. Gabi realizes something we can all relate to

To be told one thing and in reality, it’s just not real. Look how easy it is to be fed certain information your whole life to be believed as fact, but ends of being something else. Wouldn’t that anger you? The whole show is basically about prejudice, misunderstanding and misinformation. *cough, cough* we’re living in that reality right now.. All the Marleyans and even the Eldians of Marley see Paradis Island as ‘demons’ and vice-versa.

Each and everyday our lives are in the hands of the few that make decisions over the masses. Eren and Zeke coming together, Yelena muddling the waters, Reiner bringing the Marley army to Paradis Island and Armin and co. trying to do what’s best. Everyone ‘wants’ to do the ‘right thing’, but that ‘right’ thing is always based on the grounds of what you know. And what you know may be completely the opposite. It’s a human dichotomy that will forever shape our world, as it is doing in Attack on Titan.

Last thoughts

Overall, a solid episode. Going from watching Demon Slayer to Attack on Titan seems like a step down, but its still a good episode. It’s one of those episodes that is really about setting up the other characters that got lost in the shuffle like Armin and the other cadets. We know Eren and Zeke want to touch each other, but the most compelling part is going to be everything that happens in-between. I expect a lot more twists and turns to happen and the feel and tenseness to be ratchet up a lot in the coming episodes. Buckle up guys and gals! Some real s**t is about to go down!


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