Last One! Ristarte “Cautious Hero” Shibuya Scramble Figure 1/7 Scale w/Video and Images

Picked this one up from Ukiyo Kumo. This was the last American online retailer I can find with this figure still in-stock. It even lasted until the Black Friday deal!

Too Frickin’ Expensive?!

This is my first eStream/ Alpha Satellite figure. I’ve read a lot online about their quality being meh, but that’s not going to stop me from buying it. Maybe if I buy and support this franchise’s figure, they will confirm a second season of “Cautious Hero!” Maybe. Maybe not. This is quite an underrated show if no one has the chance to watch it yet.

While I just started collecting figures, I’ve been trying to gauge the quality for the price. It seems the $300+ price tag seems a bit too high. This is probably more in the 200-250 USD range. Being that this is not as popular of an IP as to other shows, I’m just glad that there are some scale figures available from the show. This makes me think that that is why the price is a bit higher than what people would come to expect. Less buyers and limited supply may mean higher prices to justify making a figure. Business and profitability comes first, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

All in all, I am still pretty happy with the figure. It didn’t come broken and the painting seems good enough. Check out my unboxing video below and take a look at her pictures below!

It was about $275.67 total w/Black Friday deal + 10% coupon code.

Retail: $354.99 (Black Friday Deal) $301.74 – (Route Package Protection) $4.55 + (10% off) -$30.62 = $275.67(Total)

Ukiyo Kumo Link






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