Shion Bunny (Tensura) By FREEing [Figure Review]

A Shion figure must buy!

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Shion FREEing, B-style Bunny version info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


¥25,500 (Figure) + ¥30,800 (Figure) + ¥6,630 (Figure) + ¥7,825 (Surface Mail Premium shipping) = ¥70,756 or $534.04


Paid on 08/01/2022
Shipped on 09/01/2022
Arrived on 010/19/2022


When it comes to importing anime figures from Japan, AmiAmi has a strong case to be the most reliable site to buy anime figures from. You can combine orders within the same month and generally cancel at least the month before the release month.

They also have a live chat that you can speak with customer service almost instantly during their operating hours.

Their shipping options are typically EMS, DHL, and other boat options like Surface Mail (Premium). Compared to other Japanese website prices for shipping, they are pretty competitive.

Shipping Box

When shipping by boat, it seems like you are more at risk for box damage. This has been the worst shape condition my AmiAmi box has ever been in compared to the airplane shipping options.

FREEing “B-Style” Bunny Version Box


The figure comes with the bunny ears and a black horn piece. All you have to do is remove the place holder parts to put the other pieces in.

On the Elizabeth Bunny, their was a plastic piece you had to put into the base, but this figure already has it on there.


Is it an accurate representation of Shion?!

Yes it is.

Her pose and choice of face expression makes a ton of sense for a vibrant personality like Shion. The choice of glossy purple and sculpting of her hair are on point.

On a lot of anime figures, you’ll notice how difficult it is to get the face to look as close to the character as possible. Shion looks probably 95% of what her animated depiction looks like. Maybe the nose could have been a little bit more rounded than pointed? Nevertheless, this figure is a great sculpt of Shion

Are there defects?

Like most anime figures, there is nothing that can be absolutely perfect. There are two very small white scuff marks on the right side of her chest and one on the top of her hair by the hair tie. I tried picking at it to see if it would come off, but it might be something I could potentially clean off. It’s not something you’ll notice right away unless you actively look for it in the right lighting.

Because of the glossiness of Shion, the reflection masks the little white scuff on her chest. On the top of her head, there’s absolutely no reason to be looking overhead of the figure, so I have very little qualms overall with the quality of the figure.

Other Bunnies In My Collection


Last Thoughts

I love collecting bunny figures because they are a massively popular line of figures within the anime figure collector community. Not only does FREEing do a good job with the quality, these figures typically maintain their value. Overall, the Shion Bunny keeps the essence of the character within the bunny style and is something that might be the most appealing and valuable figure of the character to collect. If you want to collect a good quality figure of Shion and have around $300 to spend, this one is a no-brainer to purchase.

Figure Updates & Preview


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