Shion “Okigae Mode,” 1/7 Scale (Tensura) By Ques Q [Figure Review]

A BOLD Shion figure!

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Shion 1/7 ScaleQuesQ info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


¥16,280 (Figure) + ¥5,269 (DHL Ship) = ¥21,549 or $146.08


Paid on Tues 10/25/2022
Shipped on Fri 10/28/2022
Arrived on Mon 10/31/2022

Shopping w/ AmiAmi

Check out my other blog posts where I go deeper into AmiAmi here, here and here.

AmiAmi Highlights

  • Many collectibles #1 choice to important anime figures from Japan!
  • Don’t have to pay upfront until release date
  • Can combine monthly release orders
  • AmiAmi distributes many Amakuni figures
  • They have a live chat during operating hours!


  • Do not cancel your pre-orders too often or it can lead to a BAN!
  • EMS is pricier than DHL for US residents (at least in my experience), typically it’s the opposite
  • I usually don’t see Aniplex, ThreeZERO and some Tamashii Nations figures there

Shipping Box

QuesQ Shion Box


This figure comes with the figure and a base. If you bought the AmiAmi acrylic piece, it will come with it as well.

  • Align figure holes with base figure pegs
  • It isn’t aligned perfectly, so there might be a little bit of maneuvering; however it still fits!


  • Sculpt is accurate, clean and fairly detailed
  • The paint job is as clean as you can get for a scale figure
  • The shading of her pants and shirt stand out
  • The Rimuru base is a nice alternative to basic clear and black bases
  • The shape of her face is different from her anime counter part, but that’s not quite a bad thing

Is it an accurate representation of Shion?!

My failure to find the exact episode and scene this was in is killing me, but this is a great Shion figure overall!

Are there defects?

  • On the belt buckle, there are slight paint errors (very typical for scales)
  • There is a slight paint scuff on the right side of her inner pants above her ankle


Last Thoughts

I made my YouTube video right before Wonder Festival 36 and so they recently dropped preorders for this figure’s variant. Check it out here!

This is my first Ques Q figure and I am pretty damn happy about the quality of it. For $146.08, I find that to be an acceptable price range. I would have been willing to pay up to possibly $180 for a figure like this because of how clean it is. For a simplistic pose with no extra effects, it’s all about the quality of the sculpt, the paint job and how they handle the face/hair. Overall, I think this figure came out pretty damn amazing. If you don’t mind the “lewd” side of anime figures, this Shion figure is a pretty damn good choice.


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