Yaoyorozu Momo, My Hero Academia (Bell Fine & Takara Tomy) [Figure Review]

This is the re-release of the rare Momo Yaoyorozu anime figure off of the largely popular anime, My Hero Academia.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Yaoyorozu Momo 1/8 Scale info

I bought it here

Otaku Sinh’s collection


  • Payment Wed, 06/29/2022
  • Shipped Mon, 07/04/2022
  • Arrived Thur, 07/07/2022


¥14870 (Momo Figure) + ¥7050 (Zenitsu Nendoroid Doll) + ¥7050 (Nezuko Nendoroid Doll) + ¥7345 (DHL to US) = ¥36315 = $267.47

I ordered this figure off of Amiami.com and paid a little more for the AmiAmi exclusive acrylic character picture. The pose and look of the overall figure is solid for its price. It’s definitely a step up from the quality and design of typical prize figures, which fits exactly where this figure is priced at. The biggest competitor around these prices would be the Kotobukiya ARTFX-J figures. I think anything above $150 would be asking a bit too much for this quality of figure. The only other figure options for this character would be prize figures and a Funko Pop!.


AmiAmi is pretty much the go to website to get anime figures. There are many other reputable websites you can buy figures from, but AmiAmi is a safe bet. Instead of “private warehouses” like many other websites have, AmiAmi allows you to combine orders for figures released within the same month. They do allow you cancel orders and request changes to your order if you contact support.

Customer Service

I’ve contacted live support about 3-4 times this year to adjust orders and ask questions. They are very prompt and very nice. I have nothing but positive experiences regarding customer service.


This order came in a 120 sized AmiAmi shipping box. I paid DHL, which is the highest price, but it is the fastest option. If you are frugal and have months of patience, you’d save around $28 shipping with “Surface Parcel.”

AmiAmi shipping boxes always come well packed and have never had a negative experience with figure boxes inside being damaged.

Figure Box

This is a nicely designed box, appropriate for typical scale figures. It matches the theme of the figure and reflects the style of the My Hero Academia artwork.


It comes in the typical 2 piece plastic that holds the figure and parts together. You have the figure, the base, the attachment base, another head, a Bo Staff, 2 Russian nesting dolls and of course a manual!

When it comes to assembling this figure, it is very light and easy to move the parts into place. All you have to do is just make sure the peg and peg holes are aligned when you attach them. The “Create” part of the base fits perfectly into the hole. Switching and replacing the head & hair pieces onto the figure was fairly simple. At first, I was kind of hesitant about removing the head because it’s tightly fitted on and doesn’t look like it is actually removable. That’s a positive testament to the design of the figure giving it a very natural look. Then, I put on the Bo Staff into her hand. It fits perfectly into her hand. You just need to watch out for her arm and hair as you push it back.


Design, Pose & Sculpting

Looking at the design of the figure, I really like the easy assembly. It really looks like the figure is actually just one piece. Sometimes, figure designs fail to cover up obvious linings in the figure that could take away the “realistic-ness” of the figure. Comparing this figure to most prize figures, the only real differences are the added “Create” part of the base and the better quality paint of the figure. There isn’t anything sculpted that particularly stands out about the figure. Everything does look to be appropriately proportioned and both her faces look fairly accurate.

The chosen pose is a solid one. I like the fact that the creators chose the Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, which are very important to Momo’s backstory relating to her powers. There are some better options as the original release of this figure was before season 5.

Make a bad**s Momo cannon figure please!

Paint Errors?

Typically on anime figures, you’ll find paint messes along the lining of the figure. Surprisingly, many areas where you’d think there would be some paint issues are actually painted on very well. Looking at her stomach up to her chest area, there isn’t any of the red paint colors melting over onto her skin. Sometimes around the shoe, sock and boot area of a figure, there is paint bleeding, but the paint job there looks to be pretty remarkable. Where it is the most messy is at her right side area where it’s supposed to represent wrinkles on her clothes. Most of the other paint messes are around the striped areas on her sides. Also, there is a white paint smudge on her right chest area. Other than that, it is mostly painted on well and within acceptable bounds.


Last Thoughts

Would I recommend this figure? Yes. Its quality for the price seems to be appropriate. It’s overall aesthetics is nice. Although, there isn’t anything spectacular that stands out about this figure, it’s probably the best option for this character that is currently out. I would be looking to upgrade if more figures of her come out. The AmiAmi exclusive acrylic piece that comes with the figure is a nice add-on for about $9-10 extra. I don’t think it is necessarily a must buy add-on, but if you have the space, it is something that makes displaying her a little more appealing. All in all, I’m still fairly happy with figure. How I’d rank her in my personal collection is in that lower mid to mid tier range of my favorite figures.

Let me know what you guys think about this figure! Are there any better options currently out or coming in the future?



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