All Might: Silver Age Exclusive Edition (First 4 Figures) [Figure Review]

Let’s take a look into one of those under the radar anime figures.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

All Might Silver Age Exclusive info

I bought it here

Otaku Sinh’s collection


  • Ordered on 10/11/2021; 10% down payment
  • Email for notice of total payment on 10/26/2021
  • Payment (*couldn’t find the date & which credit card it was on..*)
  • Shipped from China warehouse on 11/19/2022
  • Email that Package is reaching US regional warehouse soon 12/19/2022
  • Shipped from US regional Warehouse to home on 01/18/2022
  • Arrived (*tracking info doesn’t exist anymore..*)
  • Figure cost = $99.99
  • Shipping cost = $34.99
  • Total cost= $149.99


For the price of $99.99, this figure comes at a very reasonable price. Surprisingly, there isn’t any real scale or higher quality figures of All Might. He does have a bust resin statue and another iconic resin statue by Tsume. Other than that, there aren’t any options in the $150 to $400 PVC figure price range.

First 4 Figures (F4F)

Please read my blog post on the Faye Valentine 1/4 Scale Resin for general info on F4F. This blog post will cover what happens when you receive a defected figure from this company.

Customer Service

This was my first figure that I actually received straight from F4F. In the middle of making an unboxing video for this figure, I was disappointed to find out that his hair was broken still sealed inside the figure box. Then, I proceeded to contact customer service. They deleted my support ticket after it got resolved, so everything from here on is from my memory.

When I contacted customer service, they had to verify if I was trying to screw them over or not, so they had me go through a bit of a verification process. I remember uploading some pictures to show proof. Then, they gave me 2 options for gluing the broken piece back on myself and getting a discount or getting a replacement piece. Of course I want the replacement piece! I’m sure it cost them a lot of money to do so, but I really appreciate that they do provide replacement pieces because the figure legitimately arrived broken!

Because their customer service is based out in the UK or Hong Kong, I had to respond back and forth, day by day, which is fine as long as it gets resolved. They had me make a YouTube video of me SMASHING All Might, flash the authentication card and write down the date. After proving to them that I wasn’t trying to screw them over, I verified my information and they proceeded to send me a replacement figure!

The only real downside is the fact that the shipping took a super long time. It probably took from about early February to the end of May or beginning of June for the replacement figure to arrive.

Overall, my experience with F4F ended in a positive one. In the end, they did the right thing and left me a happy customer. For that, I really respect and appreciate their business!


All Might Silver Age Exclusive Edition F4F Box

The shipping box comes in their own branded shipping box and tape. Inside is another brown box that holds the figure’s other 2 boxes. When I received the replacement figure, it came in a basic brown shipping box. The replacement figure looks like it comes in the standard box version of the figure.

The quality of the figure box is freaking incredible guys! It’s almost like getting a ‘hypebeast’ shoe box, but with an anime figure within an anime figure box. The colors, the feel, the design is totally a different take than any of figure boxes I’ve received. I love companies that take chances and innovate. F4Fs does stand out in that way. Kudos!


When you assembly this figure, it comes in 2 pairs of arms. The standard “straight arms” and the exclusive “bent arms.” They are kind of difficult to take out and put in. You’ll have to rotate the arms back and forth to slowly squeeze it into place. Even if you put it 2/3rds of the way in, it can look like it’s in the socket hole, but it’s not. You’ll need to continually rotate it into place. If anything, use both hands on each side to help push the arms into place. Just make sure to watch out for the hair since the arms are in such close proximity to the fragile hair!


Pose & Sculpting

I really like the way the figure was sculpted. The proportions and build seems true to size. It might be the most iconic pose you can choose out of all the All Might poses. There are some parts of his body where the plastic can look kind of blotchy like the hair. Other than that, it turns out to be very durable and fantastic looking. Standing at 11” tall with a cool designed magnetic base, this is my favorite design that I’ve seen compared to other companies that have similar poses.

I really enjoy the stand and the magnets that keeps the figure in place. When you think of typical anime figures, the base usually involves the setting of the character. In this case, F4F keeps the comic book designed look that showcases All Might in his “manga-centric” vintage portrayal. Having the pictures of him on the stand really reflects that theme. Also, I like the fact that you can put the replacement arms inside the base. It’s such a cool concept that most other anime figure companies don’t really venture off into. It’s just really nice to see something refreshingly different that turns into a bigger trend for that $100 price range of figures.

Paint Errors?

When you watch and/or read My Hero Academia, All Might is typically animated or drawn in this old school comic book style. It’s nice to see that reflected on the figure itself in that vintage style of art. All the colors choices seem true to the character.

Looking at the painting errors, there are 2 areas that have me slightly concerned. If you take a peak at the exclusive arm pieces, there’s definitely one too many errors for my liking. You can see the paint rub against the figure with the paint defects around that shoulder area. It could just be poor design because when you assemble the pieces, I can see the arms rubbing against the figure, chipping off the paint. It looked like when they put on the arms, the paint wasn’t completely dry or something like that. Unfortunately, I can only speculate on the reasoning.

However, the standard arms with the standard replacement arms both look in pretty good shape. Taking a closer examination of the figure, there are some spots like the leg area that could have been painted on a little bit better. Although, the most egregious errors are those exclusive arms parts by the shoulder entry holes. The good thing about those paint defects is the fact it’s in areas where it’s harder to notice. Overall, I would deem the paint quality to be good enough for a $100 price range figure.


Last Thoughts

Given my experience with F4Fs and that they gave me a replacement part at no cost, that makes me a huge fan of the company. Now that I have 2 figures from them, I really enjoy their take on the figures. I still question the lack of higher quality options of All Might figures. Although, this one turns out to be a solid one.

I do have the other 2 All Might Exclusives on pre-order from the F4F website. It’s the Golden Age and Casual Edition Exclusives. It’s basically the same concept, but different skins like a PC game. He is my favorite character in My Hero Academia by the way! Yes, I do recommend you guys get this figure! With the lack of high quality options, this is good one to have. He was available on the Crunchyroll Store for a bit. If you had a premium account, he was listed under $90 I believe. However, you can still pick him up from the F4F website. They increased the price of shipping, so you may end up paying $144.99 for the figure. It’s still pretty worth it for that price.

Let me know what you guys think about this figure! Are there any better options currently out or coming in the future?



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