Ranking of King’s Bojji & Kage, S.H. Figuarts (Bandai Spirits) [Figure Review]

Before I got started into collecting, I would always see “S.H. Figuarts” littered in every known basic retail store (Walmart, Barnes N Nobles, local game stores, etc.). I’ve always associated these figures with the most basic of toys because of their widespread availability. Now that I started collecting and actually have one of these figures, is it worth it to collect?

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

I bought it here

Bojji & Kage info

Otaku Sinh’s collection


  • Ordered on – 04/24/2022
  • Paid for tax/ship 04/27/2022
  • Shipped on (DHL) 04/28/2022
  • Received on 05/02/2022


  • Bojji and Kage =¥4199 yen= $36.77
  • Tensei Shitara Slima Datta Ken shirt (¥4000) + Gojou shirt (¥6900) = $60.60
  • Shipping = ¥3820 yen = $33.45
  • Total = ¥12019 yen = $130.82
  • Total minus the shirts = ¥8019 yen = $70.22

If your sole goal is to buy this Bojji & Kage figure at the lowest price possible, then buying it overseas from a Japanese online retailers using the cheapest shipping is your best option. Most US retail stores have this figure listed around $59.99 with each store’s shipping, tax and various over offers that can make getting this figure a little more or less.

At the end of the day, buying it from the US store is probably the safest. It’s a lot easier to get a refund because some stores offer very lenient refund policies. Nothing is worst that waiting months for you package to come, just to find out it got destroyed in transit or the figure turned out like crap.

I value fast and reliable shipping where I can be one of the first people to the receive the figure. So, I don’t mind paying a bit of a premium for some figures. That is what I determine what makes the most sense for me. You guys do what you think is best for you!


I ordered a couple of XL shirts to ship along with this figure. I was wondering how much I’d save if I shipped it all together. Turns out, shipping the shirts separately would have cost me the same amount as this shipment. It looks like this box would have been the same size HLJ would have sent as well.

Hobbylink Japan (HLJ)

One of my first figures I ever purchased was from HLJ. Their prices tend to be a little higher than many of the other Japanese online stores. Although, their shipping has been a little bit less than compared to AmiAmi.

Their website is pretty easy to use with a pretty manageable interface. They give out a lot of raffle-like rewards for shipping out products from your “Private Warehouse.” At the end of the year in 2021, they gave out 10% coupons within a given period around the “Black Friday” sale, if you purchased or shipped out products from your “Private Warehouse.” That 10% could be used on anything, even “pre-orders.” That makes buying from HLJ at the end of the year a lot more attractive.

Private Warehouse

The “Private Warehouse” is very similar to what BBTS’s “Pile of Loot” and many other stores provide. They provide unlimited warehouse space for products you purchased that’s ready to be shipped. Their website states that “they will hold your products up to 60 days before being automatically shipped out.” Obviously, this gives the customer an option to be strategic about their shipments. Customers would typically be able to save money this way. Imagine not worrying about when you receive your products and just ship “Surface Parcel” on a $1000 order. You’d save quite a bit money.

I’ve noticed many times throughout HLJ’s website during 2022, that they give discounts on shipping for shipping out products in your private warehouse. Giving the customer unlimited warehouse space, while HLJ themselves have a limited amount of space; they have an incentive to constantly get customers to ship out products. Their competitive advantage in the Japanese online retail market is definitely their shipping options with the discounts.

Overall, I think you’d be paying pretty much the same if you are comparing HLJ to AmiAmi. HLJ is kind of my fallback option just in case I miss out on pre-orders. Obviously, that’s how I was able to pull this Bojji and Kage figure. So, it worked out in the end.

Product Box


This figures comes with 5 faces plates, 9 hands, a stick, a sword and a sword/sheath combo weapon accessory

Putting this figure together is pretty child’s play. When you compare my other figures like ThreeZero’ Saitama, RAH Archer and all of the other Ronin Warriors figures, this Bojji figure was very easy to put together.

I think most people are going to love how sturdy this figure is. His figure body is not made like a hard plastic. It is more of a rubbery kind of feel. The only hard form of plastic would be the weapon accessories.


In terms of how much the shoulder joints move, it moves out to the side almost down to the side of his body. If you stress the arms and try to move it where the line in the ball doesn’t allow you to bend, it will pop off. Don’t worry, it very easily pops back in.

The elbow and knee joints move at about a 90 degree angle. Again, if you follow where the lining is in his joints, you won’t have an issue turning him. Adjusting the feet to get it to stand isn’t much of a hassle either. It generally performs to the expectations to what the prototype pictures show.

When it comes to the weapon accessories, everything fits exactly into the hands as naturally as can be. The hands aren’t too small or loose. You don’t need to pry open the hands or anything like that.


When it comes to the design of Bojji, he is a relatively simple looking character. You’ll be happy to know that this figure looks as close as to the character as it can be. The only issue like any other action figure is that you can see the joints. Other than that, you’d be happy to know that you’re getting a very good accurate and good quality figure.

His skin tone seems very natural to the character it isn’t too pale or too dark of a shade. The color of blue for his outfit seems to be the right shade as well.

When it comes to any painting or sculpting defects, there isn’t anything that jumps out to you unless you go find it. Around his belt, you can see a little bit of blue paint under the white. On the side of his legs where the knee joints are, the lining seems a little bit off. Other then those two very small details, this figures comes off as a pretty clean figure. Although when I took close-up pictures of him, the painting and the smudge of the sculpting in the lining comes off a lot worse than the naked eye can tell.

S.H. Figuarts vs Competition

With Bojji figures, there isn’t any available higher-end figures. With no confirmation of a season 2 coming out anytime in the near future, it looks like S.H. Figuarts and the Nendoroid is the best available figures to collect from the series. The only other options are prize figures by Bandai.

With a very niche show like Ranking of Kings, it’s hard to get a read on possible after market prices. So, if you are planning to wait until after release, you’ll likely be able to catch minimal inflated prices on these. Like the small price increase in the “Figuarts ZERO” reseller market for my Kocho and Rengoku figures, you can probably expect the same for these.

S.H. Figuarts Price Range

Let’s talk about the price range of some of these S.H. Figuarts figures. Generally at a 1/12 scale, you can find prices for these figures listed anywhere between $34.99 to $169.99 if you are looking at US online retail prices. If you are looking at Japanese online stores like Hobby-Genki, you’d find prices ranging from ¥3080 yen to ¥25990 yen. Some of the more expensive figures are more expensive simply because of the size (mecha, oozaru).


Should You Buy This Figure?

There isn’t many options for Bojji figures, but if you had to pick one than get this one. If you are a big Nendoroid collector, then just stick to thoat. Otherwise, I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

My request for another Bojji figure would be a statue scale figure from the fight against King Bosse!


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