Kocho Shinobu, Demon Slayer, “Figuarts ZERO” (Bandai) [Figure Review]

When it comes to the Insect Hashira, “Kocho Shinobu,” you’ll find yourself with an abundant amount of figures to choose from.

Unboxing & Review

Crunchyroll Store

I have only bought from the Crunchyroll store twice, including a return of the Precious GEM Wargreymon figure. My experience with customer service have been friendly with prompt responses coming within the next day. I was able to return the figure and received a full refund within the next 2-3 weeks. For that, I am very grateful and happy with their customer service.

When it comes to shipping, it usually takes a couple days before it gets shipped out. I received both figures in about a week or little over, due to the wait time of handling. The package came secure with no damages.

Overall, I think the Crunchyroll Store is a good place to buy figures. For pre-orders, you’ll have to pay upfront like Lunar Toy Store and Ukiyo Kumo. If you want to be able to reserve pre-orders without paying upfront or paying a small down payment, then look to Right Stuf Anime, Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth. Otherwise, like Entertainment Earth, you actually get some promo codes to help you save money. If you are a premium member or higher, then you’ll get even better promo codes. Also, you’ll get free shipping for in-stock orders with purchases totaling in $100+ for the US.

Figure Review

Boxing and Packaging

The box comes in a branded brown box by Bandai. Once you open it, you get to see the figure box. The colors, the cutouts and pictures of the figure on the box, go well altogether. There were no dents or nicks. Inside, you’ll see the typical plastic cutouts that are taped to secure the figure in place. See the unboxing video for a more detailed look. Overall, it looks really good and can be acceptable packing for even $300+ figures.


Pose & Sculpting

I am actually not quite sure how they came up with this choice for a pose, but it is certainly unique and dymanic. While the base of the figure is not really big, it was sculpted really nicely with a complementary look to her pose. The placement of the sword and butterflies really gives the figure a higher end feel to the figure. I feel like I’m getting closer to a $200 figure than a $100 one and that’s a good feeling to have.

The proportions of the figure seemed very natural. Maybe her face and eyes might be slightly off? When it comes to the base of the figure, I think this was a good choice! It seems very elaborate for what you are getting at this price range.


When it comes to these budget kind of figures, the details is where it tends to lack and it starts with the painting. While it may be harder to tell through the pictures, it doesn’t look as great in person when you examine it further. Still, there is nothing super egregious.


$82.99 (Rengoku Figuarts ZERO) + $84.99 (Kocho Figuarts ZERO) – $25.19 (Discount code) = $142.79

I bought this figure at the Crunchyroll Store. They take down their links after figures are sold out, so you’ll get an error if you go there now.

At 84.99 US retail, it is one of the best figures you can get with cool effects. With the mass majority of anime fans in mind, these Figuart ZERO figures reaches a broad audience of casual collectors and hardcore collectors alike.

Resell prices for this figure has inflated a little bit, but it’s actually still pretty affordable. I’ve seen prices anywhere in the $100-200 range, even from Japan. If you like this figure’s pose more than the other scales, then this is still a good affordable option in the reseller market.

Otaku Sinh’s collection

Kochou Shinobu info

What the Heck is Articulcated?!

9 months into this figure collecting journey, I finally found out what articulated means.. I wish there was an easier way to inform the consumer, which what seems like random terms to the average consumer. I got into collecting, essentially to cultivate value through memories, figures and dollar value. A lot of things in this space contains verbiage and lingo, that is specific to this niche: prize, resin, articulation, cast-off, etc. While, that may be really good for hardcore fans and collectors; it’s never going to expand as big as it can to the general audience. My only wish is that they would come up with better terms to market. ‘Articulated’ is almost as awful as the word ‘moist’.

Going back into what articulation means.. Basically, the ZERO in Figuarts “ZERO” is zero in articulation, meaning no removable or movable parts. When I got the ThreeZero Saitama figure, I noticed it had ‘articulation’ or ‘articulated’, on the box. I completely disregarded that word as a poorly translated word for “action figure,” or a fancy way of saying that the figure is more detailed. You see, these terms are not explicitly explained in an easy manner. Most people just look at pictures and decide, whether or not that person should click ‘buy’.

Kocho Shinobu Figuarts ZERO vs the Market

Honestly, this is one of the best figures you can get of her. Her unique design with the dynamic pose is worthy of a Kocho Shinobu fan. Disregarding the Nendoroids, smaller line of figures and anything prior to 2021 releases; the comparisons I had to work with were the Aniplex, Alter, Kotobukiya and Figuarts ZERO. versions.

Aniplex’s 1/8 scale version seems to have a superior design with a very appealing pose and effects on the base. Priced on RightStufAnime at $207.98 and at $250+ on other US retail sites, I would consider this the “mid to high-end” tier price range.

Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale version of Kocho seemed less as dynamic as Aniplex’s, but you still have some of the cool elements of the Aniplex’s version of the base with the butterflies. It is more affordable at around $159.99 at US retail stores and was still available as pre-order in the US retail stores late in Q4 of 2021.

ARTFX J 1/8 Scale by Kotobukiya

I still have not gotten my hands on an Alter figure, but I have read nothing but great reviews for their figures. Unfortunately, I was not as big of a fan of their 1/8 scale prototype pictures. Although, I do think the design has a likeable and cute charm, that respectably represents the character—these other figures were closer to my preference. The assumption though, is that you are going a very detailed, high quality figure, that is reflective of their positive reputation.

Alter’s 1/8 Scale

Since, I will be getting in the Kotobukiya figure in soon and the Aniplex one should arrive by May of 2022, I will reserve my final thoughts until then. But, I am thoroughly impressed with Figuarts ZERO’s take on the Insect Hashira. How I am viewing it now is I think I like the ARTFX J one by Kotobukiya the most right now. Because of Aniplex’s design of Kocho being upside down, it can visually look a bit too messy for the eyes. Kotobukiya may be the best happy medium of Alter’s cute pose and the elements of Aniplex’s dynamic base.


Last Thoughts

This figure is actually pretty darn amazing for the price! At $84.99, this is a figure that both serious collectors and casual fans can enjoy. If it was at a 1/8 scale or bigger with better attention to detail with the paint, I could see myself paying $200+ for it. Depending on your preferences, financial situation, and space, I do generally recommend getting this figure.


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