Ranking of Kings, Episode 22 “The Promise to a Demon” [Review]

With the demon getting ready to feast upon Miranjo’s soul and King Bosse’s soul ascending to the heavens, we are left with the last wild card to the equation—that is Prince Daida.

Wrapping up King Bosse’s Relationship with Miranjo

The ambiguous relationship between Miranjo and Bosse have been a hard one to put a finger on. Are they romantically involved or is this like a weird father and step-daughter type of thing? This was probably done to keep us guessing until this point. Once the episode gets to Daida awakening back into his body, it becomes clear what Bosse was intending to do by making Miranjo watch over Daida from the mirror.

They may have rushed this part of the story a bit too fast, but they did wrap up Bosse’s tale of how they ended up asking the demon for more strength. Once Miranjo became of age, she took on Bosse’s dream of becoming the strongest, by helping him seek out and fighting the strongest. Ultimately, this led them to fight a character he couldn’t defeat. Then, leading them to the demon for the wish.

This episode did a lot for the viewer in turning our perceptions for certain characters. It took quite a few episodes for the larger plot and character arcs for Bosse and Miranjo to positively turn the tide, but I think this episode helped do that. Any major character you’ve seen throughout the series had your views drastically turn in a 180 degree way. At least, that’s how it felt to me.

There was so much potential here for a cool fight

Finally, a few episodes ago, the show revealed more faces of the gods that the humans have been facing. One of the gods, “Chabi-Shin” was shown again as Bosse took him on to no avail.

How did Bosse take this dude down?!

It’s too bad that they didn’t include any cool animated scenes between Bosse and Chabi-Shin.

The Demon Explained

Again, the show showed glimpses of this little devilish looking boy. Where did this demon boy come from? That has yet to be answered, but we do know that he can grant wishes. Every time he grants a wish, he becomes more ‘devilish’ looking. Miranjo’s encounter with him as a child, has led Bosse to this demon. There still leaves a gap in time where Miranjo got as strong as she did. Also, how did she develop such a strong relationship with the demon—that she could just pop up out of nowhere to ask for a wish.

Promises are meant to be broken

This anime has been feeding us answers, while making us question more throughout the entire season. I really was looking forward to a grand fight with this demon, but nope! Despa with Desha’s lightning attack took out the demon and the Captain took his head off with one fell swoop. While holding the demon head, Despa was going to wish for Ouken to return to normal.

Wait a minute HERE! Are there no consequences for wishes?

I guess this demon isn’t really meant to fight..

Once Daida steals Despa’s wish to instead, bring back Miranjo; there leaves so much left for interpretation. Desha and Despa clearly had a plan and knowledge of the wish granting demon. There isn’t a clear explanation for anything surrounding the demon, besides Miranjo’s vague relationship and that he can grant wishes, turning him into a darker and more devilish demon. I guess the demon is building into some metaphor for humanity’s sins? Not sure. That whole sequence in this episode threw my for a loop..

Bosse’s Plan for Daida and Miranjo

Once Daida returns into his body with the last memories of Bosse shown to him, it seems like Miranjo was placed beside him, as kind of a care taker on Bosse’s order. As Bosse’s soul leaves to the heavens and showing the last scene of King Bosse and Miranjo talking about Daida, it looks as though Bosse intended for Daida and Miranjo to be together all along.

“Like father like son”
“My dad set me up with a baddie” -Daida’s inner thoughts

What This Episode Leaves Us With

This episode leaves us with 2 major things to think about. King Desha accepts being the number 1 ranked king and Miranjo is going to be here to stay. The same way that Miranjo led Daida into being trapped, we are getting the same vibes with King Desha being led to whatever being the number 1 king entails. After Miranjo is saved and proposed to by Daida, it now looks like this kingdom has been saved. These are the main characters we should expect to see from this point on.

Since, there is only one more episode, the story is pretty much wrapped up. I hope by the end of the next episode, we get wrapped up into another mind-binder of a story. What this season really lacked at the end, was real tension. At no point, was there really a climax the story was building to that really landed.

I’ve always held the idea that this season was to build character development for all of these characters, as they will all hold a special meaning to the viewer as Bojji and Daida go further in their journeys. I understand the show’s criticisms for lack of bad guys, but I think it is a bit misplaced. The hero’s journey is just getting started. We are now bought into these characters of one kingdom, as their is so much more to explore in this wacky-weird magical world.

Last Thoughts

Low-key—intro songs into episodes can help get you started. There’s nothing wrong with going old school and just starting off the episode with the song. This is just something that’s been bugging me about Attack on Titan episodes. Ranking of Kings have been doing a good job in naturally transitioning their songs in the right place.

I have so such mixed emotions about this series because the first half of the season was just so damn good! While, this 2nd half of the season hasn’t been bad, there were so many areas and moments they could have made better. The moment where Bebin and the “Big 4” came together to fight Ouken, may have been my last favorite moment of the show. There was clearly a buildup for that specific moment. The action scenes aligned so well with eliciting strong emotions. All of that seemed to drop dramatically when King Bosse (inside Daida’s body) showed up.

This episode still had some highlights. We got some answers about the demon and Bosse’s will has officially been passed down to Daida. We got a good feel ending for everyone involved and we might finally get to see what new enemy these characters are going to face in the next episode. This wasn’t the episode I was expecting or hoping to get, but I will settle because there is so much more potential for these characters that this show got me invested in.


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