Maki Zenin, 1/8 Scale “ARTFX-J” Jujutsu Kaisen (Kotobukiya) [Figure Review]

Maki Zenin ARTFX-J is a winner!

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Maki 1/8 ARTXJ info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


$125.99 w/ Premium Crunchyroll Account + Free shipping

  • $139.99 is the standard price for this figure


Ordered on Tues 03/21/2023
Arrived on Tues 03/28/2023

Shopping w/ The Crunchyroll Store

Check their FAQ page here.

The Good

  • Great prices, especially if you have a Crunchroll Premium account
  • Figures tend to arrive faster compared to other US stores
  • Competitive pricing for Aniplex figures
  • Customer Service is great
  • Great 30 day refund policy!


  • Redditors warning for poor boxing of figures
  • Must pay in advance

Shipping Box

  • Box came with a rolled up thick layer of bubble wrap. (See unboxing video)


  • Standard scale box
  • Design fits Maki and Jujutsu Kaisen theme
  • Came with light scratches, a small dent line around the middle of the box & light sticky residue


  • Instructions are self-explanatory
  • All parts fit on as described with little to no issues
  • BEWARE! Staff fits on tight and takes a lot of strength to take it back off


  • Base is anime themed and low-key amazing w/ 3D look!
  • Hair sculpt looks of scale quality except maybe the hair lining may be an issue?
  • Both face sculpts look great w/ good shaped jawlines & accurate depiction of Maki
  • The darker color palletes is perfect for Maki and Jujutsu Kaisen
  • 1/8 scales seems perfect for this figure
  • Excellent detail on the wrinkles of her clothes and the realistic look of her pose

Are there Concerns or defects?

  • The entire figure is very clean w/ little to no concerns
  • In regular room lighting, you don’t see much shading

In the unboxing video, I mentioned “finger prints” or something along those lines. Honestly, after playing around with it for a while, there aren’t any of those finger print lines to be found. It was most likely dirt and residue that likely wiped off.


Last Thoughts

Honestly, I’ve become quite the fanboy of Kotobukya figures. They’re affordable, usually great quality and the simple aesthetic can be quite refreshing for a scale collector that goes for more special effects and elaborate bases. For Maki scales, there aren’t that many options out. You have FigZero, which is a 1/6 action figure line and eStream coming out with their 1/7 scale. I love FigZero’s different face sculpts, so I will buy that one in the future, so it really just comes down to eStream’s take on Maki. Right now, the easy choice is ARTFXJ. With the prototype pictures that have been shown, my personal choice is clearly Maki ARTFXJ with the bonus face.

Figure Updates!


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