Loid Forger of Spy x Family, 1/7 Scale, F:Nex (Furyu)

This figure might surprise you!

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Loid Forger 1/7 F:Nex info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


$128.99 (Figure) + 7.76 (Ship) + 10.26 (Tax) = $147.01

  • Japanese price is 17,600 JPY (AmiAmi)
  • Assuming that you are paying DHL or EMS for overseas fast shipping, you are generally saving money by buying domestically from the US


Shipped on Tues 04/04/2023
Arrived on Tues 04/11/2023

Shopping w/ Good Smile US

When it comes to Good Smile US, people ask whether you should just buy from Good Smile Shop, which ships internationally and gives you the choice to pay in Japanese Yen, Euros or USD.

The Good

  • US prices are set
  • Possible GSC figure bonuses
  • Ability to cancel preorders ahead of time
  • 50% of shipping on preorders


  • Receive figures on average 1-3 months after Good Smile Shop/ Global release
  • Previously in general, more expensive than Japan prices, but now very competitive with the Japanese Yen prices

Shipping Box

  • Box came with a massive amount of brown shipping wrap covering the box
  • Good Smile US generally does a good job packing the box, keeping the figures safe
  • Watch the YouTube video for a literal inside look

F:Nex Box

  • Typical standard scale box
  • Light green theme of box to match Loid’s suit
  • Came with a few small dents on the box


  • Comes with a base, gun and the figure (No manual)
  • Pegs fit on the base seamlessly
  • Putting the gun into his hand may require slightly prying his hand


  • Design of Loid Forger in very “in-character”
  • The face sculpt and expression looks accurate to the character
  • Great paint shading & great darker green color choice compared to prototype pictures
  • Very big at around 11.3 in. tall

Are there Concerns or defects?


Last Thoughts

From what I can tell, the F:Nex line from Furyu has been quite the hit or miss line of scales with a lot more “misses” these days. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I completely dislike the company, I don’t. Still, there have been tons of concern that have been raised about the quality of their figures raging from paint, sculpt and their overall price point. The Ainz Ooal Gown and the latest preorder drop of the Power & Makima Nurse Ver. scales have really high price points for seemingly average at best quality. They are even making a Monochrome Gojo, which have been met with heavy criticism. The sculpt and face of their Makima is just downright bad.. There are quite a few examples of their scales just not living up to the expectation to typical scale collectors, however this Loid Forger scale is NOT one of them.

I can truly say I can recommend people buy this Loid Forger scale and feel pretty good about it. I almost cancelled this figure, but am glad that I kept it. Being that it is currently the only Loid scale and male scales are just hard to come by in general, no matter what potential Loid figures that do come out, I think this will continue being in the “good option” category. For about 17,600 yen and what I paid for in total at $147.01, this becomes an affordable option with pretty good quality. Now, this figure does have a few errors here and there with it mostly being the paint lines, messy hair sculpt at the back of his head and a couple of very small paint speckles. To sum it up, I don’t think these issues are as bad as the picture may represent. The hair sculpt mess is on the back of his head, where you’ll probably never look. The small paint speckles are in locations where you have to look up close to track it down. Lastly, the paint lines caused by messy sculpt are not as visible while looking at it from a natural distance.

I think Furyu should start making scale figures to compete with ARTFXJ figures from Kotobukiya because this Loid is a good example of when they end up doing something good for an affordable price. F:Nex can stay trying to make more “premium” figures, but the design and paint quality of this Loid Forger 1/7 scale makes me feel like it was worth it. The overall aesthetics of this figure is a great representation of the character and I think people will be happily surprised by it if they ever actually get to see it in-person.

Figure Updates!


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