Rengoku Kyojuro, Demon Slayer, “Figuarts ZERO” (Bandai) [Figure Review]

Buy or pass? Let’s discuss what makes this figure a worthy purchase to be added to your collection.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

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So I don’t repeat myself, please check out what I wrote about my AmiAmi experience here.

  • Invoiced & Paid on 02/24/2022
  • Shipped on 02/26/2022
  • Picked up at local post office on 03/17/2022

¥5940 (Figuarts ZERO Rengoku) + ¥12400 (ARTFX J Kocho) + ¥8300 (EMS Shipping to the US) = ¥26640 =$231.85


In my short time of collecting anime figures, this is the first first I received where the you are suppose to open the box laying down, rather than from the top of the box. Low key, this is a very efficient way of being able to open the box and have more space to see if there is any designs within the box. I really do dig this kind of design and hope to see more like it.

The feel of the box is a bit different than a basic cardboard box. There’s like a glossy and sleek feel to the box. It’s almost like the feeling of the outside of a flagship smartphone, if that makes any sense.

On the outside of the box, everything you see is typical. There are cutouts to where you can see the packaging on the inside and you have images of Rengoku with both face pieces displayed on there. The box has those celebratory paper things displayed on the box. I am not sure what that is suppose to represent, but if you guys know, please comment on it!

On the bottom of the box, they even display the image of the Akaza figure that I will be making another video on shortly!

Overall, the presentation of the box is pretty impressive for these kind of figures. You do feel like you are getting something pretty special and that is the kind of emotion you want to elicit to hype you up for the figure!


A couple weeks ago when I covered the Kocho Shinobu Figuarts ZERO figure released in 2021, I found out what “articulation” means or what at least what’s on the website. Apparently, it means that the figure just comes in one piece without being able to switch out parts and move them. Confusingly, this figure comes with a face swap with an “undamaged face” and a “damaged face.” Does that make it articulated then?

Ya boy needs a definitive answer!

In order to remove the face plate, the front part of his hair actually comes off. Then, you can switch faces. This process is fairly easy and it even comes with instructions on the side of the opening flap of the box!



To be honest, I am not as big of a fan of the pose when it comes to the pictures. But!! In person, it looks freaking amazing. No matter how many different pictures I take, it just doesn’t look quite right. At certain angles, you can tell he is very small and the naturalness of his body proportions seem a bit off. Again, the pictures don’t really do this figure justice, as it looks a lot more natural in person than the pictures suggest.

Painting & Sculpting

When it comes to these figures under $100, you are most likely going to run into some painting errors and even more issues like bent swords & random dents..

Unfortunately, what you’ll notice most about the painting defects on this figure is on his cape. In person, you can really tell the red on his cape bleeds over onto the yellow colors. On the sword, it’s barely noticeable with the little white dots on his sword. Also, there is a piece of random mold hanging onto dear life that I’ll probably end up removing. The worst part of the figure is probably the back foot, where the mold is just a mess. On his back leg, you can tell there is a lot of dirt stuck on his leg, but I believe you can end up cleaning that up.

On the good side, the figure is meant to be displayed more facing you. You won’t see the painting errors on his cape. The issues with the messy mold is on the inside of the figure, where you have to look for it. Altogether for displaying purposes, you may not even notice these issues because of where they are located. My initial reaction to the figure in the video will probably be most people’s reaction. It’s really dope in-person. I think most people will be able to overlook these problems with the figure.

Rengoku Kyojuro Figuarts ZERO vs Megahouse vs FREEing

When I sought out to buy some Rengoku Kyojuro figures, I wanted to get a figure with a battle damaged face. Surprisingly, there are only about 3 options. Another prize figure and the FREEing 1/4 scale B-style version that’s set to release later this year. The FREEing one has gone through a storm of controversy with some added polystone flames that went from about a $400 figure without the flames to almost $4000 with flames! Welp.. I am not in a market for that price of a figure.. I can literally buy 3 top quality licensed resin figures for the same price.. With the FREEing options out of the equation, I decided to find the next best option. Fortunately or unfortunately, this Figuarts ZERO version of Rengoku is that next best option.

FREEing, B-style 1/4 Scale

When it comes to the FREEing version, I completely understand why they chose that pose. It maybe the most iconic stance in the Mugen Train Arc, before he gets “fisted” to his death. Where I have issues is when companies create two version of basically the same product. Personally, I do not want to get the $400 flame-less version if there’s going to be one with flames. So, I decided to just not get either..

Megahouse, G.E.M.

Overall, I think the best version of Kyojuro with or without the battle damaged face is Megahouse’s G.E.M. rendition. He stands a little over 8 inches tall and the paint job on him was pretty superb. The sculpting of the face and the happy-go-lucky look brings out the most positive vibes of his character. Check out my blog post about him if you guys are interested. I still saw him available on various American retail sites.

Figuarts ZERO (02/2022) Release

So, where does this Figuarts ZERO figure on Kyojuro fit into the equation? If I had to narrow down to the biggest selling point of this figure, it is affordability. Not only does this figure comes released with an Akaza counterpart, it fits everyone’s budget. With an accurate depiction of the character, this figure is dynamic enough to overshadow any deficiencies in painting errors. The sculpting of the face is very accurate and the flames really gives it an added “oomph”. I can even see this figure as being more aesthetically pleasing to many people’s taste, compared to most of Kyojuro’s figures out there. All in all, this isn’t a must get figure, but it is a top 2 option for a battle damaged face Rengoku figure.


Will This Figure Appreciate in Value?

I actually have the Kocho and Rengoku Figuarts ZERO released from 2021. Even these figures eventually run out of supply in the market. Both of those figures retailed around $81.99-84.99. In the reseller market, they are going for at least $100+. I would expect the same for this 2022 release of the Rengoku figure. With the Akaza figure to be paired with this release, I suspect that these 2 figures as a combo to have even more reseller value.

Last Thoughts

With the ability to swap Rengoku’s face, I think this figure offers something that only 2 other figures out there offer. One is a cheap prize figure and the other is going to most likely cost you $400. All in all, this is that “happy medium” figure. I have really high hopes with the Akaza figure counterpart as it is one of the few Akaza figures with a dynamic pose and base. Altogether, I think this Rengoku figure would be the easiest to recommend based on its ability to swap faces and affordability. If the Akaza figure comes out at least as good as this Rengoku one, then I might even recommend both as a set, as I believe the value of having both of them is even higher.


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