[Top 5] Best Moments of Spy x Family Season 1 (Eps 1 – 12)

New anime. New characters. Spy x Family may go down as the best comedy anime of the year with its heartwarming characters, led by the GOAT meme herself, Anya Forger!

1. Anya’s “Smiling” Face

With so many great moments to choose from, let’s just start off with a bang with what propelled young Anya Forger to GOAT status. “When other little kids are mean, put on a big smile to diffuse the situation.” That is just what young Anya Forger did when Damian hurls insults at Anya.

Characters sometimes make funny faces and becomes instant memes like in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Not only is this the case with Anya, but she just forever enshrined her little self with being arguably the most epic and funny ways to capture the audience’s heart. Sometimes the expressions on the face becomes just a tool to convey. Anya’s face became the quintessential go-to-face for any dank meme you can think of!

2. Yor Nonchalantly Stopping the Tray of Food

At the beginning of this episode, we kind of got the idea of who Yor is. She’s a bit of an airhead and for an assassin, displays an endearing morality. Then, when Loid comes out of nowhere all bloodied up, Camilla tries to ruin Yor’s good feel moment by spilling a tray of food on her. Little did she know, Yor just nonchalantly stops it with a high kick. At this moment, we all realized what kind of satirical comedy we’re getting.

3. Loid vs Drunk Yor

Spy vs Assassin. With a show that relies very little on action to be entertaining, when it does happen, the animation and quality of the overall presentation is incredible! This episode had a ton of filler, but it was all worth it for this extended fight scene.

4. Dodgeball Z

This whole episode might be my personal favorite out of all the episodes. An aesthetically pleasing, well paced and narrated style that hits you with a joke after a joke until the big punchline at the end. There were so many parodies of every basic anime trope you can think of that this episode poked fun at. Add in the hyperbole that is Bill Watkins and you got a recipe for sudden bursts of laughter.

5. The Kiss

It’s the tease that will keep teasing. The growing relationship between Loid and Yor is set up for a romantic end that the creators will forever hold over our heads. Clinging onto your blanket and bracing yourself for the cringe, this episode doesn’t give the people what they want. Instead, it leaves us wanting more! With the introduction of Yor’s brother Yuri Briar, we have us a new subplot and entry into the “enemy’s heads.”

Last Thoughts

Any anime that takes me away from the traditional shonen animes that involves action, typically means its a really well done show. Spy x Family is just that. With so many different character moments, ideas and funny plots, what was your favorite moment of the season?


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