Stop That Lolli.. The Rising of the Shield Hero, Season 2 Episode 13 “Flowers Offered in Recollection” [Review]

A feel good episode that captures some fun moments between the characters.

With no real plot or story, this is the kind of episode we get to see characters banter and reminisce about all the little things the viewers missed out on. Contrasting the tense moments in episodes central to the plot, these are the kind of episodes people can enjoy where animes just take time to let the characters do wholesome silly things.

I actually loved those episodes in Dragon Ball Z when Gohan went to high school. I loved those episodes at the end of Naruto Shippuden. Again, these are the kind of episodes that really capture that Sunday morning feeling with the sun shining and everyone is generally in happy vibes. Honestly, these slice-of-life kind of episodes aren’t bad to have every once in a while.

Fan Service

All the lolli stuff aside, this episode really just exploits the characters in ways to help sell merchandise. For you anime figure collectors out there, check out my Naofumi and Raphtalia figures on my YouTube channel! Jokes aside, these are the kind of scenes that girls would find really cute and the non-lolli people would find kind of uncomfortable.. I think the creators knew what they were doing showing “suggestive” Raphtalia panels.

Kizuna’s “Infinite Labyrinth”

There wasn’t any particularly interesting insight from Kizuna reliving her experience in the Infinite Labyrinth. What I took away from these scenes is that anime food looks freaking delicious!

Yomogi, the “Airhead”

In order for her character to make sense throughout the plot and relationship with Kyo, she kind of has to be this super dense character. So, it only makes sense that she has a funny head scratching story about Kyo looking for his glasses. This scene really showcases the joke that is Yomogi.

It Really Ends With Ost Hourai..

How actually appropriate that the show ends on Ost’s farewell. Rishia and Raphtalia think back to one of the prior camp scenes when Ost informed them about “getting intimate.” If there was anything I relished writing about for season 2, it’s all the funny puns that came about when it comes to lovable concubine “Hou-rai.” It just makes too much sense to finish the season on a running joke . The culmination of a forceful plot and character concludes on a whimper.

Last Thoughts

The ending of this episode really sums up what I think of the season. The whole premise of Naofumi angrily wanting to get revenge for Ost, there just wasn’t any real deep emotional connection to the character. Seriously, will anyone actually remember all the new characters this seaosn?

All the scenes in this episode were fun for different reasons. If you felt the closeness that Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo and Rishia had towards Ost, then maybe you actually enjoyed that ending scene. It was actually animated really well, depicting a really bitter sweet moment for the characters—marking the end of the season. I felt worse that the season was ending more than the feeling of “we just lost a real one” of which, Ost is supposed to represent. Nevertheless, the episode was well done featuring multiple creators on this episode. The season had some redeeming moments the general audience would agree was pretty fun. Without ending this review sounding too bitter, it’s the memories of those good moments that we’ll all need to hold on to to overcome the sour taste of season 2..


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