When Loid Goes Too Far.. Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 12 [Review]

This episode covers chapters 8.5 and 17.1. Even though this episode is canon to the manga, it does play a lot like a filler episode.

Reading through Spy x Family‘s manga, the manga series has a lot of “in-between” chapters that follows an ordinary day of their lives outside the main plot of “Operation Strix.” Seeing that this anime has a lot of “family sitcom” vibes, it’s always going to be an amusing ordeal to see the family interact, while trying to maintain each other’s facades.

Recap & Reaction

The episode starts off by recapping everyone’s roles. It highlights all of Loid’s missions on top of Operation Strix. It’s not until about 5:30 in, that the plot of the episode gets started. Loid has been getting overworked by his agency and ends up coming home late again. He then comes across 3 of his gossiping neighbors that start to speculate about his late night endeavors. Loid noting that it’s very dangerous to have suspicious neighbors, gets the family together to go on a field trip to the aquarium. When he goes to buy some drinks, the lady at the stand bombards him with another mission. Loid, reluctantly accepts and the vast majority of the episode is about Loid trying to get a capsule containing information about making a chemical weapon out of penguin’s throat.

There isn’t any character defining epic moments that comes from this episode. When Loid figures out the guy asking for the penguin is a fake enemy undercover, that was a really cool moment to see Loid doing cool spy things. When the guy reacts to Loid exposing him, those series of scenes seeing the plot unfold seemed very textbook, ending with Yor’s wrath.

What this episode does help do is continually build the world a little more. We’ve now met another undercover agent that works at the drink stand like Franky. Even if it was just a plot for this episode, Loid’s neighbors could introduce other funny plot elements down the line. What this series really lacks up to this point is a bigger roster.

After Loid retrieves the capsule, he comes back with a big penguin plushy to use as an excuse for his long-winded absence, which leads to chapter 17.1 in the manga. Anya role-plays and acts in her “make-believe” with her lion and newly acquired penguin plushy. Flexing her peak meme muscles, this part of the episode is just meant to show what it’s like parenting Anya from Loid and Yor’s perspective—showing just how much they are willing to do to maintain Anya’s happiness to continue their facade. This episode really shines in that wholesome-heartwarming department.

Plot x Foreshadowing

Low-key, this episode actually has some reoccurring plot elements and foreshadowing for what is to come. For you anime-only viewers, I’m not going to spoil it for you! As future episodes come out in the future, I’d love to discuss and speculate behind the reasoning as future arcs come to pass.

If you take this episode as a whole, it accomplishes one thing and that is to get insight into a day and life of the Forger family. This isn’t the “hard-hitting” review I’d typically write analyzing every important scene and its logic behind it. Sometimes, you should take it for what it is. Again, this episode portrays and defines what is Spy x Family. Loid gets into disguise. Anya E-S-Ps for “waka-waka” excitement. Yor says something an airhead what say and ends in brute strength. There is that endearing family sitcom-like moment where Loid & Yor has to actually parent Anya and the audience reverts back from their emo induced Tokyo Ghoul attire to becoming a wholesome human being again. That’s the kind of anime we are getting with Spy x Family and that is the type of feeling this episode left us with. Also, peak meme-dom!

I appreciate you all that’s been reading my Spy x Family reviews! See you guys next season!


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