Sneak Peak into Sentinel’s Yoroiden Samurai Trooper’s Cye of the Torrent & Kento of Hardrock Figures!

With the release of the Bandai Armorplus versions of both Suiko no Shin and Kongou no Shuu, Sentinel has shown some sneak peak images of the 2 characters.

Bandai has beaten Sentinel to the punch on some of their Ronin Warrior releases. However to some and maybe most, Sentinel has a pretty good reputation when it comes to the aesthetics and build of their figures. Immediately from the photos in their tweet, you can tell they will come with a similar shinier coat like the Sentinel Rowen & Sage figures. The Bandai Armorplus “Special Color” ones feature less of that painted glow compared to the Sentinel ones.

One of the other low-key important parts of the figure is definitely the face. If you take a peak at both figure’s face, they have a really natural look to them. It’s going to be interesting to see what the other face plates will end up looking like, nevertheless on the other Sentinel releases, the face sculpts looked really good.

Check out Sentinel’s Twitter for their product updates!

Since they only provided us pictures of only one build, it looks like we’ll have to wait until the official product photos get released before we can get a closer look at all the other builds and poses. Still, these pictures display a classic pose on both figures and gives us confidence that these should turn out just as good as the other characters’ releases. I will be looking forward to pre-ordering these. Typically, they go for around $145+. That is pretty reasonable price in my books and I have the Sentinel Infernal Armor figure coming soon.

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Source: Twitter


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