*Resale Alert!* [Sentinel] Yoroiden Samurai Trooper’s Ryo of the Wildfire Gets a Re-Release for May 2023!

In surprising fashion, Sentinel gets a re-release of the highly sought out Ryo of the Wildfire!

I never thought I’d be able to get my hands on this figure from a re-release because these figures tend to never get that treatment. However, fans of the Ronin Warriors series can rejoice as it looks like we’ll be able to get our hands on the retail price once again. It was released back in May of 2020. Resell prices have skyrocketed to $500 since December of 2021 of websites like eBay.

Websites like Solaris Japan had them brand new for over ¥88,000!

Hobbylink Japan has it for ¥15,980, which comes out roughly to $116 as of 08/31/2022.

AmiAmi has their prices set for ¥16,800, which is roughly $121.27.

Hobby-Genki has their prices set at ¥15,521.00, which is roughly $111.21. Looks like Hobby-Genki has the lowest figure price compared to all the other Japanese stores. They also have FedEx as a shipping option, which can be cheaper and just as fast as DHL.

On the Sentinel website, their price is listed as ¥17,000, which is roughly $122.80. Hobby Search has the same listed price on their website.

Due to the conversation rate that fluctuates overtime, expect these prices to change by their expected May 2023 release. If you are shipping to the US, expect shipping prices for faster services like DHL, FedEx and EMS to range between $20-50.

For US online stores, Entertainment Earth is listing the figure for $174.99. On Big Bad Toy Store, the “standard” version is $154.99 and if you want the “collector’s” quality one, it is listed at $157.99.

Sources: HLJ’s Twitter, AmiAmi’s Twitter, Sentinel’s Twitter, Sentinel, AmiAmi, Hobbylink Japan, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, Hobby-Genki


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