Naruto 1/6 Scale MAX+ from Pickstar Studios [Figure News]

Another epic “Sage Mode” Naruto resin hits pre-orders from Pickstar Studios!

I’ve seen many Naruto “Sage Mode” resins, but this one has to be one of the more impressive ones. Having the “Rasengan” be featured as an LED light has got to be one of the coolest and obvious parts of the design to make light up. His face sculpt has got to be one of more better looking ones on the market.

Check out the images for the figures below from their Twitter!

For those of you that use dollars, 4880 CN comes out to be roughly $706 after the conversion rate as of 08/29/2022. For western consumers, Speculative Fiction Shop is getting ready to drop pre-orders, but have not set a price just yet.

I’m not sure why Speculative Fiction Shop doesn’t have a bigger presence on YouTube, but below is the video footage of the figure.

Source: YouTube, Twitter, SpecFictionShop, MFC


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