Breaking Down the Key Visual for Spy x Family’s October 1st Release!

October 1st is near and we’re finally going to get to see the “Doggy Crisis Arc” and more!

The story continues covering chapters 18 onward. Anya continues her reign of lovable humor and peak daughterly instincts with the introduction of a new dog. Anya seeking a reward for her achievement of a Stella Star, gets herself into a new bind as Loid begins another side mission to stop some terrorists.

“Chichi to Haha ichaicha.” – Famous Anya quote

When looking at the key visual, you’ll see some familiar faces except one character, Fiona Frost. From this visual, we can expect the anime to cover at least 3 arcs. Judging by how the creators handled the first 12 episodes of Spy x Family, expect some more fantastic “anime only” scenes.

Check out the video of the key visual here!

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Source: Twitter & YouTube


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