Should You Watch Spy x Family?

A hot spy guy, a hot assassin girl and an adorable young girl that can read minds. Melt these three characters sprinkled with some satire into one dysfunctional family wrapped around their own journey of espionage, assassinations and of course comedy; you get an interesting taste of a recipe that maybe only a few can accomplish well in the anime world. Two episodes in and I am hooked!


Twilight a.k.a. Loid Forger a.k.a. we don’t actually know his real name is the lead character that is an undercover spy; who is also a master of disguise.

Yor, the “Thorn Princess” assassin, is what people would call blondes back in the day, “ditzy and dumb.” Contrast that personality with her killer instincts that was cultivated at a young age, you get a huge double-sided contrast to her unique character.

Anya was created “unintentionally” by an unknown organization. Her powers so far shown is the ability to read minds. With her child-like adorableness, she creates a lot of the funny feel-good moments.


The main plot involves Twilight, who has been given a new mission where he must stop a man that is trying to start a war named Donovan Desmond. Donovan only makes public appearances at these top-notch high end private school social events. Now, Twilight must find a wife and child within the next week to infiltrate a school name “Eden Academy.”

“I totally don’t look evil at all” – Donovan Desmond

After recruiting Yor and Anya through a hilarious set of events, the story continues as Twilight must get Anya accepted at the top school called “Eden Academy.” Although, she passes the exam, they must also pass the family interview. Thus, why Twilight needs a wife.

What to Expect

What Makes This Anime Funny

“Bruh, my patients going crazy today” – Loid Forger

The best part of the whole show is the fact that Twilight and Yor are unaware of each other’s double life. I mean.. they are aware, but on false pretenses, which makes everything all the more hilarious. Now, throw in this little kid with the ability to read minds that just wants to be loved and have fun; you get a ton of hilarious scenarios as the viewer and Anya are the only ones that know the truth.

What About the Action?

Master the art of disguise by looking at booty

When it comes to the actions scenes, I wouldn’t take anything too seriously. All the fights and battles shown so far have been easy-peasy for the characters. Don’t expect any power ups and gaining of new powers in this one. If there are some intense moments where these characters have to overcome someone in a fight, then bring it on. However, the action isn’t the main sauce and doesn’t make the show worse by any means. Although, there should be plenty of drama to keep you glued to the screen.

Last Thoughts

I am pretty excited for what the future of this anime holds because it is so different from the typical Shonen animes that I typically watch. I’ve had my bout with watching something a little bit different in Ranking of Kings, but it was still another Shonen anime. This anime is definitely character-centric. When I think “character-centric” or “character-driven,” the top of my totem pole would be Cowboy Bebop. I think what Spy x Family has going for them is having an easy linear story-line that we can all follow. The main characters are all funny and interesting in their own way. As all of their character arcs proceed, this could just end up being a typical romantic comedy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just make sure the journey is fun and exciting. I’m giving this anime a chance and I think you should too!

Anya says “go watch!”

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