Ronin Warriors “Cye of the Torrent” Armorplus Special Color Edition [Figure Review]

With this release of Cye of the Torrent by Bandai Spirits, has the “Bandai Armorplus” build overtaken the Sentinel version as the superior brand to buy from? Let’s see.

Updated 05/15/2022 at 10:10 AM Central Time (Assembly)

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

I bought it here

Cye of the Torrent info

Otaku Sinh’s Collection


  • Pre-order notification for incoming figure 03/30/2022
  • Auto-paid figure price without SHIP/TAX 04/01/2022 (Sent to “pile of loot”)
  • Paid for SHIP/TAX on 04/01/2022
  • Shipped on 04/04/2022
  • Received on 04/06/2022

Cye of the Torrent = $184.99
Collector’s Box = $3.00
Ship + Tax = $4.00 + 14.40
Total = $206.39

How is it Like Buying from “Big Bad Toy Store.”

Big Bad Toy Store(BBTS) offers a wide variety of different options for figure collectibles of many other genres, not just anime. So, if you are into more American pop culture like Marvel, DC and other geek culture related stuff, BBTS may have some cool collectibles for you as well. It’s only one of 2 options, along with Speculative Fiction Shop that I use to browse for licensed resin figures. I’ve also noticed them taking chances on other brands I haven’t seen before like Rocket Toys based in China.


They offer a very lenient pre-order system that lets you drop as many pre-orders as you like. As long as it’s at least the month before release, you should be okay. Typically, any figure above $200 comes with a 20% down payment to lock-in pre-orders; which is still a significantly better offer than stores like Solaris Japan, Lunar Toy Store and Ukiyo Kumo making you pay in full upfront.

Pile of Loot System

Once you make any orders, you can use their “Pile of Loot” system. Many stores provide warehouse spacing for your figures up to 90 days before it gets auto-shipped. BBTS offers a $4 flat rate shipping within the US using FedEx Smart Post. If you plan of buying a lot of figures or receiving them within that 90 day window, you could save a lot of money from shipping fees.

Buying the Collector’s Quality Box

If you are an oddball like me and sometimes don’t want to open up your figures, then the quality of the box is a huge part of collecting something brand new in mint condition. Maintaining the pristine quality of the box not only makes it more visually appealing, but most importantly how much value you are maintaining by keeping its condition as brand new. Anything brand new is always going to be more valuable than “used.”

Good thing for most anime figure collectors is that most people like displaying their figures. So, the value of “pre-owned” and “opened” isn’t too much of a damper on it’s reseller value, since its being displayed anyways. Although, that is one thing that BBTS has a competitive advantage over other stores is locking in a mint condition box.

What is/are the Downsides to Buying from BBTS?

The downside to buying from BBTS would be some of their figure offerings can be a bit more than other US retail stores. For Aniplex figures, I would look at the official partner stores first, before resorting to buying from BBTS. They don’t get subsidized prices like RightStufAnime and TOM. Like most imports, you are going to be one of the last ones to get your figures in-stock compared to the rest of the world. I’m still waiting for my Gilgamesh FREEing figure that had its official release in August of 2020!

BBTS is one of my favorite sites to keep tabs of figures on. Some people may have issues with their pricing, but they have certain advantages over other online retailers that make buying from them still worth it.

Shipping Box

Like an idiot, I forgot to take a picture of the box inside the box. Check out the timestamps of me opening the box in the YouTube video to see what it looks like. Underneath the pictures above, it comes with another BBTS box because I bought the “Collector’s Grade” box. Notice that they have their own BBTS labeling on their box.


There is only one US based website I know I can buy the “Bandai Armorplus” builds of Ronin Warriors/ Samurai Troopers figures from and that is BBTS. The other Japanese based website would be Hobby-Genki.

100% if you can, just buy from Hobby-Genki. You’ll be saving at least $40, if you are from the US. With the Japanese Yen devaluing against the USD, Japanese products are cheaper than they’ve ever been. You are now more incentivized than ever to buy from overseas. If you are buying in the states, you are most likely buying at a premium anyways. With US retailers locked into certain prices, they mostly likely won’t be able to offer better prices than Japan is right now under the Yen. The only reason you should be buying from BBTS is if you want to lock down a mint condition collector’s quality box.

Figure Review


Their box isn’t much different from the Bandai Ryo Infernal Armor one. It comes in a white wrapping paper keeping it’s box quality in good shape. The use of the gold shiny foil typeface on the box is a nice touch to the presentation. This box is definitely a better one than Sentinel’s box.

Was Assembling it Hard?

This is my third Ronin Warriors figure that I’ve had to put together on camera. The more you do something, the easier it becomes to put parts together. Overall, the parts fit really well together. I did not experience any parts that couldn’t fit together or were loose. One thing I had issues with on the Bandai Ryo Infernal Armor one was the hip armor piece was really loose. It was so loose that if I touched it even gingerly, it may still fall off. With this one, I didn’t run into any issues. Even though I only did one build, it blew my expectations out of the water.

“Seated Armor” Assembly

Updated 05/15/2022 at 10:10 AM Central Time

I’ve had a couple questions regarding the seated armor assembly. After all, it’s not a complete review without trying on all the parts. Below, is an issue regarding the assembly of the hip plate on the “seated position” pose.

YouTube Comment Issue Regarding Hip Piece
How it looks on the turntable!

I didn’t have any other issues applying any other pieces to the “seated pose figure.”

Watch Out for the Head Armor Piece!

The only part I was really scared of breaking was disassembling the head armor piece. It splits in 2 and is pretty thin & fragile. Just try to stick your finger into the helmet to dislodge it because if you are grabbing by the side of the helmet, the force you’ll need to apply to separate the pieces may break it.


I didn’t have any issues moving this figure around into different poses. The legs move to about a 45 degree angle all around. The arms don’t move flat to the side in a 180 degree angle, but they do rotate 360 degrees in like a windmill motion. Because of the shoulder pad armor part, you won’t be able to lift his arms to the side, but they are capable without the armor on. You don’t have to worry about any “clunky-ness” with this figure. It moves seamlessly where you want it to.


Scratches, Dents and Paint Job

I did not see any eye popping defects on this figure or parts. Even the areas where maybe there might be some microscopic blemishes, it could just be chalked up to “that’s just how it was made.” Either way, the painting on this figure is superb and about as perfect as you can get with a figure.

When it comes to the coloring of this figure, I really like this painting on him. Since teal is such a bright color, not having it be the glossy shiny look of Sentinel’s Sage of Halo one isn’t so much of a downside I’d thought it be. Don’t get me wrong, when I get my hands on the Sentinel version of this figure and it’s painted like the Sage of Halo one, I’d probably be just as ecstatic, if not more. I think this is something that will just come down to preference.

Sentinel vs Bandai

YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG WITH BUYING BANDAI ARMORPLUS SPECIAL COLOR EDITION! Put that on repeat! Researching Ronin Warriors figures, you’d notice a trend that many people prefer the Sentinel builds more than the “Armorplus” versions. In my experience, I don’t think that should be the general consensus. Judging off what I have so far, they are all comparable and really just comes down to preference. The prices are very similar if you are buying overseas. In the states, maybe I’d lean towards Sentinel if I was forced to choose. When it comes to parts and functionality, I can pretty much do the same thing with either.

Overall, it’s a win-win situation for a fan of the anime or the figures. You cannot go wrong with either.



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