Ukiyo Kumo Haul! Shion, Espresto Glossy Body Ver. [Bandai] and Naofumi, Figma [Max Factory] w/ Video and Pictures

Please check out the unboxing video below!

One one of the first orders I made back in September 2021, when I decided to start collecting was these 2 figures. Naofumi from “The Rising of the Shield Hero” and Shion from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” we’re 2 characters at the time I want to find figures for to collect. Looks like the ‘Figma’ line from “Max Factory” is more action figure oriented with a smaller size design with a lot of accessories. The ‘Espresto’ line from “Bandai Spirits,” seems to be the more affordable line of figures, often referred to as “prize figures.”

Shion is worth the price for the quality and size!

My expectation coming in was that the paint job was going to be off and the feel of it was going to be very very cheap. But guess what? It wasn’t. In all honesty, it felt very durable and the paint job was quite sufficient. When holding other scale figures, you can feel how fragile it can be, but the attention to detail for the intricacies stand out. This figure does fit the the idea of ‘basic,’ but basic isn’t necessarily bad. If you can’t afford or don’t actually like the more eye popping Shion figures out there, this one is a nice one to have of her.

Shion cost only $27.74 @ Ukiyo Kumo

Shion myfigurecollection link here

Shion pictures!

Figmas are not for the lazies

I like the idea of having a figure that can present many different poses, but in reality, who the hell wants to spend their time constantly changing out their figures? There are some. It just isn’t me.. I do appreciate the quality of the figure and the accurately made accessories that you can use to re-create poses.

Side note

One thing to note, more obscure characters tend to not have very many or any figures made in bigger scale figures. I will still collect a few here and there from characters that don’t get the bigger scale treatment. Naofumi is a character from a show that may never be popular enough to get a $200+ scale made. That is fine as long as the ones that they do make are a win-win for consumers and businesses. The anime industry is roughly a $25 billion industry in 2021 and expected to continue growing. We as the consumer and target market for these companies just need to make sure we are heard loud enough to get these companies to sell us high quality products.

Naofumi Pictures!

Total cost

Naofumi was ($79.19) + Shion ($27.74) + shipping ($7.95) + 10% email code =$114.88

Copped Naofumi at @ Ukiyo Kumo

Naofumi myfigurecollection link here

Otakusinh’s collection here


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