[Top 5] Awesome Things About Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Movie Trilogy (Spoilers)

Top 5 awesome things about Fate/Stay Night’s Heaven’s Feel: Presage Flower, Lost Butterfly & Spring Song trilogy.

  1. Archer’s arm

Everything about this, tickles the male savagery that pumps through my veins. To see Archer epic-ly without hesistation, sacrifice himself to give his arm to Shirou was something that I did expect, but kept my eyes glued for the remainder of the series, knowing that Shirou is going to do something badass later with that arm. 

  1. Animation might be the best I have ever seen

I am new to the scene when it comes to paying special attention to animation. To me, there is “donkie doo doo” and there’s watchable. I didn’t know that there was a god tier level that Ufotable has reached. Once you see their work, it is harder watch other animated series the same way. 

  1. Matou Shinji (間桐 慎二) took the big fat L that we all needed to see

This guy fits the troupe for overall douche that everyone loves to hate. A character that doesn’t have any redeeming qualities throughout a series deserves to give the audience justice. “Heaven’s Feel Matou Shinji” gave people what they wanted to see in regards to Shinji’s ultimate demise, which simultaneous advancedSakura’s tragic character development. A satisfying ending to a universally disliked character.

  1. Illyasviel von Einzbern (イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン) Held a prominent role that made a lot of sense

Illyasviel is a character that made a lot of sense for her to have a significant role in this version. She is after all the step sister of the main protagonist and a part of the Holy Grail, which is what the fighting is all surrounded around. 

  1. Kotomine Kirei (言峰 綺礼) had a bigger role that lived up to his role as an antagonist

A good bad guy takes action that gets his way, pisses you off, does something that you would cheer on and then gives you an epic death. This is what Kotomine Kirei gave us. I believe there is a cultivation of good and evil in all of us. Kirei is a character can only find satisfaction in manipulation and the destruction of the world. His power by virtue of being a priest as a job, entails manipulation of people’s feelings and fate. How does this relate to you? If you have ever been in a position of leadership, you understand the consequences of your decision and that can involve the satisfaction of toying with people’s lives. That is what Kotomine Kirei as a character gives us.

Honorable Mentions

  • ‘Alter Saber’ Everyone loves the good guy turned bad guy trope: Ryu to Evil Ryu, Goku to Goku Black, Spider-Man to Symbiote Spider-Man, Meliodas to Demon form Meliodas, etc.
  • Heaven’s Feel had more backstory to the origins of the “Holy Grail” compared to its “Unlimited Bladeworks” version.

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