[Top 5] Dumb Reasons Why We Keep Watching Dragon Ball

  1. Yayayayayayayayayayyaya… If the fighting animation is not on point, what is the point of Dragon Ball?! We haven’t gotten a really good story since the Android/ Cell arc. We got some similar elements in the Zamasu arc like time traveling and Future Trunks.

2. Transformations are always cool

Keep ascending.. There are so many unlimited way to change your hair color and ascend beyond the next level. No matter how old you get, it is always going to be cool to see transformations no matter how diluted it gets.

3. Krillin gets an Android 18 and we all want an Android 18 in our life. Akira Toriyama giving short guys hope!

4. Vegeta will one day be the hero..

How many times have we seen the Prince of all Saiyans get killed stealed and have an epic scene be derailed. In truth, he deserves his shine as the main and hero. They basically wrote him in to be close to Goku’s equal. It is time.

5. Please fight Gohan.

Gohan is the tease to number 2. A character that is presented to have so much latent potential, but decides to be a dad and husband first. Damn you Gohan for being such an average and upstanding citizen.

Honorable Mentions

  • Chuckling at the perception of Yamcha
  • Jaco, the “Galactic Patrolman” is a very good addition to the Dragon Ball sphere

Please comment below what still compels you to keep watching and reading Dragon Ball!


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