Emiya Shirou,1/7 Scale By Amakuni, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Vow in the Snow [Figure Review]

Finally! An Emiya Shirou scale figure that we can all rejoice over!

*updated at 3:52 PM Central on 11/13/2022

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Emiya Shirou 1/7 Scale Amakuni info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


¥19,800 (Figure) + ¥6,120 (EMS) = ¥25,920 or $177.28


Paid on 10/27/2022
Shipped on 11/02/2022
Arrived on 011/07/2022


AmiAmi is one of the most trusted Japanese websites to import anime figures. I have yet had a negative experience ordering from them. One of the best qualities about AmiAmi is their live support during operating hours.

When it comes to cancelling pre-orders you can cancel without needing to contact customer service. Don’t do it too many times and especially on the month of release because you CAN BE BANNED! If you need to modify orders, contacting live chat will help adjust it for you.

Another great quality about AmiAmi is that you don’t have to pay for the figures until they get it in-stock. There is an option to combine orders that are ready to be released within the same month. This can save you money if you want to make a big order and ship by boat.

Overall, AmiAmi has competitive prices and they are extremely safe to buy from.

Shipping Box

When you purchase from AmiAmi, they put their orders in “AmiAmi” sized boxes. In the previous blog post with the Shion Bunny, there was a 1/4 scale, 1/8 scale and Nendoroid doll figure that was in a “170” sized box. This Amakuni 1/7 scale Shirou figure was in a “120” sized box.

These boxes matter because the bigger sized the box it gets shipped in, the more expensive it is.

In all of my previous AmiAmi orders, I never received a box that was excessively damaged. This order had a bigger dent underneath the box, which is where AmiAmi only loosely put a layer of packing paper. Everywhere else, the box is tightly packed for safety and security measures for the preserving of the quality of the figure and figure box.

Amakuni Box

Anime figure boxes for scales tend to be standard across the board for most anime figure companies. The only real company that surprised me regarding figure boxes is First 4 Figures for the All Might: Silver Exclusive Edition.


This figure comes with the base, the figure, the swords to insert into the base & Shirou’s hand, four little jacket string pieces to insert onto the figure’s jacket and a manual.

There is nothing very difficult about putting this figure together. All of the sword pieces to insert into the base, have specific peg indents that literally “tetris” itself into the correct hole.

Placing the sword into Shirou’s hand is easy as the sword separates into 2 pieces. Put the handle into the back of the figure’s hand first and then reattach the sword back on. What might be slightly difficult is inserting the fragile small jacket string pieces into the little holes. With a little bit of force, it should stay on, but it does feel kind of loose and I was afraid of breaking it. At least, the figure comes with 2 sets of those pieces that gives Shirou a slightly different look with the jacket strings.

Like most scale figures, there are little pegs that you just align the figure onto. There are no issues here whatsoever.


The biggest question when it comes to anime figures is how accurate is it compared to the manufactured released pictures. I would say it’s damn near 100%, but one difference would be the blood splatter on the prototype pictures. It does look more realistic with the blood splatter compared to the dotted blood splatter in the real version.

Everything that I actually liked about this figure from the swords on the base, the battle damaged look, the accurate sculpting of the face really shined on this figure. The pictures pretty much speak for itself.

Are there defects?

Where there are somewhat of “defects” would be the painting on some of the swords. The sword in Shirou’s hand with the yin & yang design is slightly bulky in one spot. Although, I’m really being nit picky on that one. The more obvious paint error is on one of the swords on the base at the hands.

Other than those 2 areas, this is as clean and pristine of an anime figure you can get.

Disappointed in the Base

Where the figure surprisingly disappoints me the most is the base. It’s literally just a plastic with indent parts from the mold to get it’s shape with what looks like some lightly spray painted on color to help give that “snow” background look. From a visual standpoint, it’s not something that I didn’t find that big of a deal from the manufacturer pictures, but in person, you might end up being disappointed by the cheap nature of the base.

Kotobukiya Scale Bases for Mid $150 range of figures

Below are my favorite 2 bases on scales I have between the $140-165 range and it just so happens to be Kotobukiya figures. The level of detail and effort put into these figures is something I expect in $200+ figures. Before the Japanese yen fell, I most likely would have paid $200+ with airplane shipping.

It really does matter how much you pay for something relative to the quality you are getting!


Last Thoughts

If I ended up paying over $200 for this figure, then I would have put it towards the “slightly overpriced” category. For $177.28, this seems a lot more appropriate for the quality of scale for the price. The most disappointing part about this figure is the cheap base. However, the design and clean look of the figure itself heavily outweighs my criticisms of the base. From the design and pose standpoint, I always thought this was the best looking Shirou scale and I still do.

I like collecting figures of characters I like that look the best with the best bang for my buck. Considering the options out there for this figure, I think this one is the top option for Shirou, if you don’t mind buying the Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya version of Shirou.


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