Elf Girl Done Dirty! Uncle From Another World Episode 3 [Review]

Just an episode after Sumika makes her debut into Uncle From Another World, a new mysterious beautiful elf arrives to surprise us all.

Mysterious Elf Girl is..

The episode opens up with a fantastic hook. Takafumi comes home to find Sumika with what looks like a blond beautiful elf girl from Ojisan’s Isekai. Half-way through the episode, the episode leads the audience through one of Ojisan’s stories that includes this mysterious elf girl at the beginning of the arc. Eventually, Sumika arrives to Takafumi’s apartment and it slowly inches closer to the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Even though Ojisan can be dense, he does have plenty of uplifting charm as he tries to play wing-man for Sumika. Once Takafumi leaves the apartment for a quick errand, Sumika gets into a disagreement with Ojisan as he tries to convince her that he has great advice. He sadly walks away and shuts the door. Sumika feeling guilty, opens the door, only to find Takafumi’s “aunt.” Ojisan disguised as the blonde elf from his story, appears to give Sumika advice that she wouldn’t take from Ojisan.

It’s so true that the person giving the advice or wisdom matters.

Takafumi comes home only to berate his undercover Ojisan. Ojisan still wants to give advice to Sumika, but let’s not forget that Takafumi shares the same lack of social acuity that his uncle has as he convinces undercover Ojisan to shoot a video with him playing Guardian Heroes. After uploading their video onto YouTube, undercover Ojisan, Takafumi and Sumika have a sit down. Undercover Ojisan busts out his projection magic, showing Takafumi and Sumika’s early childhood memories together.

Calling on the previous episode, where the potentially ongoing gag of Sumika not believing Ojisan can actually do magic and is just finessing Takafumi continues. Sumika, being too rational makes Takafumi capitulate and say that “the projection is from a Sony device.”

We’re supposed to expect that Sumika and Takafumi had one of those endearing childhood love stories right? WRONG! Turns out the Sumika was a pretzel faced bully to Takafumi. Undercover Ojisan has a revelation and a learning point moment as he says to himself that “it’s not about the appearance.” Then.. Ojisan stumbles upon the “real” shocking revelation that crushes his soul. Their recently uploaded video goes viral as Ojisan is in his elf form.

No one watches girls play games because of the game. It’s because they’re hot! Simp culture must be stopped guys! Poor Ojisan..

Low-key, the episode kind of ends on a cliffhanger as Ojisan melts back into his original form in front of Sumika. It’s going to be interesting to see what rationalization Sumika comes up with for what she saw or the gag ends. It can end this way right?

Ojisan Loses Money

If you didn’t think Ojisan being a YouTuber was a funny gag, but losing his money because of the “ad-pocalypse” too?! That’s probably one of the most relatable and relevant issues that real YouTubers face everyday. That’s what makes this anime so fascinatingly funny. We’re talking about anime characters being YouTubers within the anime and experiencing real YouTuber problems. Making that all work and be funny is a fantastically amazing feat. Like the first 2 episodes, I really admire the way the show executes and thread their scenes to make their jokes land. The buildup of the premise, the reaction and cutting of the music when the punchline comes is one to be commended.

Isekai Adventure

In an instance, when Ojisan’s livelihood becomes threatened by the YouTube algo gods, he reminisces about another tale from his time in the other world. Coming across a town with a barrier, he runs into another female elf. Scratching his own curiosity, he thoughtlessly destroys the barrier protecting the town from monsters like cyclops and titans. While these monsters simulates Eren’s “rumbling” from Attack on Titan, Ojisan and this “quick to like the protagonist” elf stand atop the building roofs—painting the perfect scene for an anime trope that shows characters’ epic quotables before lunging into a serious battle.

I’m sure there are some other really popular anime references that I missed. The elf dropping a lot of underhanded disses to Ojisan, while somehow making it seem like she still is somewhat into him was just quite simply some damn funny dialogue. Also, I learned another Japanese word! Bukitchou「ぶきっちょう」meaning socially awkward.

After the elf gives her epic speech on the bleak outlook against the monsters on her battle to the death, she ends up face planting against the barrier as Ojisan ends up fixing the barrier before the monsters can invade the town. Both Ojisan and the elf end up back in the middle of the town. The elf covers for Ojisan against the confused people of the town as she lies about how the barrier broke down. She then confesses her interest in Ojisan as she says that “he owes her dinner now.”

This is another brilliant joke with the elf parodying how most of these anime girls entrap our little boy protagonists. But of course, the story ends with Ojisan being suspicious of the girl and running away. I mean.. In reality, a lot of anime female suitors of the protagonist really do come out of nowhere to like and admire the main character really fast (Sumika).

Premise: Ojisan creates unnecessary plot by breaking the barrier. Now, he has to save the town from cyclops and orcs.

Setup: Elfs give epic last stand speech before going off to die to protect the townspeople.

Punchline: Elf face-plants into the barrier as it’s been mended by Ojisan with the help of the spirit.

Fantastic Animation

Last episode, the incredible animation was used for the Sega joke at the very beginning. This episode, the animation shines as Ojisan and the elf take on the titan rumbling. It’s these little scenes whether Ojisan does a whole bit out in the rain or in a titan rumbling scene that really puts the icing on the cake on this anime. These scenes hit a lot harder when it contrasts those climatic moments that’s being built, to the music abruptly stopping as the punchline hits you in the face.

Last Thoughts

The execution of the scenes, the hook, the story with the elf was by far the best put together episode up to this point. This is the first episode where I can comfortably recommend to friends and anime enthusiasts to give it a shot. Every scene hit. The story boarding, the seamless transition of the scene to the story, back to the main plot all gelled really well. I can genuinely say that I liked all of this episode’s jokes and parodies on all the anime tropes. Other recent animes like Spy x Family’s episode 10, I gave it high praise for their own parody spin on anime tropes. In each episode, Uncle From Another World has done an incredible job using relatable ways to connect to the audience. The fact that Ojisan is having small YouTuber problems and is suffering from the “ad-pocalypse” was one of the funniest bits that’s progressively getting better each episode. It’s like this whole “YouTuber Arc” is a bigger setup for another punchline down the line.

So far, the format of the episodes seems to start off with a comedy joke bit, followed by an Ojisan isekai story and then advancement of the main story (Sumika getting into Takafumi’s pants). While the show still lacks some kind of antagonist, the show’s relatability and ability to poke fun at popular cultural phenomena still makes it engagingly fun to watch. The episode ending on a very important lesson of “its not about the appearance” was quickly undermined by the simps for the virtual undercover female elf Ojisan. There was no better ending than to have Sumika freaking out over Ojisan melting back into his “ogre face” and Takafumi being elated over going viral. This episode was perfect from start to finish. I can proudly say that this episode was the first one to completely win me over.



  1. To add insult to the injury, the youtube comments kept telling uncle to move the console away as it was blocking the view. I think Netflix didn’t TL those directly.

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