Lancer (Cu Chulainn) Pop Up Parade By Max Factory [Figure Review]

Just how much do you like Lancer’s Gae Bolg?

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Lancer PUP info

Otakusinh’s collection

I bought it here

$38.99(Figure) +$ 6.73(Shipping) = $45.72


Ordered on Sun, 09/19/2021
Shipped out Mon, 05/09/2022
Delivered Thurs, 05/12/2022

Good Smile Company US (GSCUS)

Check out my blog post on the Himiko Toga figure for an in-depth look into Good Smile US.


I haven’t had any issues with their GoodSmileUS’s packaging. Opening the shipping box, it was well stuffed with packing material(See Video). The figure box was wrapped multiple times over with wrapping paper. The figure box by my inspection came out pristine.

I’ve noticed some comments online about the GoodSmileUS poor packaging pop up every once in a while. Fortunately for me, I have not experienced that.

Pop Up Parade Box

The Pop Up Parade box comes in its usual designed box. It’s a clean and simplistic look covered with the clear plastic with the cardboard inserts inside. The font and logos seem very modernized and is presented very well. Figure boxes tend to be dull overtime. It’d be nice every once in a while or for certain exclusives that companies switch up the presentation a bit.


The figure comes with a manual, blue base, the Lancer figure body, and two parts to his javelin(Gae Bolg) weapon.

Putting this figure together is very simple. Just a warning, as you unwrap the figure itself, watch out for Lancer’s hair on the back as it is wrapped with a plastic wrap. You’ll start off by connecting the pegs on Lancer into the peg holes of the base. Remove the wrap around from the javelin and you’ll insert the longer javelin piece on first. Make sure to put the javelin piece under his hair and into the hole of his left hand(on manual). When it feels snug and tight, you’ll just pop on the smaller javelin piece into his hand. 


When it comes to Pop Up Parades or other prize figures, this is as basic as you can get. There’s nothing special about it. I just wanted to support a character I liked from the Fate/stay night series. Eventually, a PUP popped up late last year and I went ahead it grabbed the pre-order for it.

The sculpt and paint job is representative of what you’ll come to expect from prize figures. There’s some smudge on the right side of the right leg. Where the grey paint lines are, it seems to be slightly off. I’ve seen some comments that might have an issue with the earrings coming of his neck, but looks fine on mine.

Other than that, this figure is your standard prize/ PUP figure. There’s nothing that great about it, even when I compare it to the past couple of prize figure videos I did with Diablo and Rimuru Tempest. For about $45, I do not expect high quality, but when figures for those prices come with a creative design to make it look more dynamic, then those are the prize figures that I’m most likely to be in the market for. 

Other Lancer (Cu Chulainn) Figure Options

If I was to get a scale figure of Cu Chulainn Lancer, then it would be this Orange Rouge one. It’s not too bad of a price of around $200+shipping on Solaris Japan.

There is Nendoroid of Lancer coming out on December 2022, made by Orange Rouge as well.


Last Thoughts

Unless you absolutely must have a Lancer figure right now, I would just hold off on him until something better comes along. There’s nothing really off about this figure and it is a decent addition if you like the Fate series. There is always the Nendoroid option that you can never go wrong with. GAEEE BOLG!



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