Diablo “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” Otherworlder Plus (Bandai Spirits)

A demonic butler you wish you had!

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Otherworlder Plus Diablo info

I bought it here

Available at the Crunchyroll Store, Ukiyo Kumo, BBTS

Otaku Sinh’s collection


For this order, I had a $15 off a $100 purchase at EE. Overall, I spent slightly above $26.99 for this figure.

Across the board on various websites, you’ll find him for mostly $26.99. Various websites like Crunchyroll Store and Ukiyo Kumo have deals if you spend ‘X’ amount, you’ll save some money. If you don’t want to spend more a larger haul than a place like BBTS with $4 shipping would make a lot of sense.


  • Ordered 09/09/2021
  • Shipped 05/17/2022
  • Arrived 05/23/2022

Entertainment Earth (EE)

Please check out my blog post on this Ronin Warriors figure, where I go more in-depth about buying from EE.

EE box comes with its own branding and neatly packed box. I never had an issue with their figures coming in dented or beat up. With a low price guarantee, shipping quality guarantee and a 90-day refund policy, EE is a highly consumer friendly website to buy collectibles from. 


Was it hard to assemble?

Like the Rimuru EXQ Figure Special Version, this figure comes in multiple pieces without any physical instructions. Don’t worry though! Using the picture on the box, its a pretty simple assembly. You start off by attaching the stand onto the base. Then, you put on the purple attachment onto the stand. You can either put all of Diablo’s attachments on the figure first or just add them on later after attaching Diablo onto the stand. When you put Diablo onto the base, make sure the purple effects are around his legs.

Be sure to check the peg shapes to put them correctly into the holes. By the time you get to attaching the back wings, you might need to take Diablo off first if you can’t get the wings to stay on as he is attached to the stand. That is what I did and it was a bit easier to snugly fit the wing pegs into his back.


The way Diablo is designed, he dresses very much like a butler so it is a simplistic look that has only a couple colors you have to worry about. Because of that simplicity, it’s very hard to find any real errors painting-wise that sticks out. There isn’t any overlapping of paint onto other parts of his clothes that you would typically see at the usual suspecting areas. There are some dirt smudges on his wings, but that’s pretty much it.

The sculpting isn’t super precised and detailed, which you shouldn’t never expect out of prize figures. The semi-weird sculpts are located on his hair, his back where the peg holes are, along the lining of his clothes, the sculpting shape of his black shirt looks a bit messy and you can see that “messy-clunkiness” follow all the way down the lining of his pants. Pictures really can magnify all the small errors in a figures, but looking at the figure with the naked eye, you’re can’t really tell how bad those little details are.

Looking at his face, the only real issue I have is that his nose could have been sculpted a little better, but you can tell he’s Diablo. It looks to be a protruding out a little more than I would have liked. Overall, I’m still pretty satisfied with the way his face turned out. All the angles of his face looks to be accurate and representative of the character.


Why Buy Prize Figures?

Check out my post on the Rimuru Tempest EXQ Special Version figure for my thoughts on prize figures.

Honestly, when you like characters that are not as popular and not as worth it for companies to make figures of, you’ll most likely only have prize figures and/or Nendoroids to choose from. That is the case for a character like Diablo. Still, this figure of Diablo isn’t actually a bad deal and is pretty good quality for $26.99.


Last Thoughts

Do I recommend buying this figure? Of course I do! If you guys like more spectacular looking figures, then this is the one. Going from scale figure and downgrading to prize figures, you’d be surprised at how much you’d still enjoy having the figure. There’s not much drop off in the “happiness” department. At least, that’s how I feel.

Also, I am getting the Nendoroid of him!



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