Should You Watch Demon Slayer’s Season 2 “Entertainment District Arc?”

Stop everything you’re doing. Throw all of your other things you do for pleasure aside: video games, girls and all-you-can-eat sushi. Demon Slayer Season 2 easily trumps any other of the aforementioned pleasures as the best go to experience of 2022.

One of the Most Visually Stunning Animes You Will Ever Watch in your Life!

This is not hyperbole. This is actuality. Ufotable has risen from the bottomless pit of a budget to put on an impeccable masterpiece before our very eyes. Nothing can stop beautiful artwork with eye-popping displays of abilities that gets every little bit of detail that every anime deserves. Here we are with the shoes to fill of Kyojuro Rengoku that has captured the hearts of a mainstream audience—Tengen Uzui carries on that mantel and dare I say even surpass it?

A Simple Story Doesn’t Mean its a Bad Story

If there is one knock on Demon Slayer, its their simplistic story. Demons are bad. We must kill Demons. Tanjiro must find a way to save his sister. This is a fairly simple premise. What we have to judge is the 20 minutes that is on the screen. Does the animation look out of this word amazing? Yes. Does the storyboard narrate a cohesive story? Yes. Does every climatic moment and buildup land? Yes. Everything that you can hope to experience emotionally from sad, angry and to skin crawling moments, you get that in this short 11 episode season.

Another knock on the season could be that it starts off kind of slow? With new characters and a new plot, the season starts off with tons of interaction between Uzui and the other 3 main characters (Tanjiro, Inosuke & Zenitsu). There are actually a lot of fun moments between all the characters before the plot heats up. Don’t worry! If you already like the Demon Slayer, in no way shape or form will you be disappointed about the beginning of the arc. If you just so happened to start watching Demon Slayer starting from this arc, you’ll quickly be amused by the humor and most likely enjoy what each character’s role is in the series. That’s the upside to Demon Slayer and probably why it’s so short. The plot is easy to grasp, the character’s roles are easily defined and the humor is enjoyable for a general audience. You will not be disappointed!

Last Thoughts

What’s the biggest knock of this season? It’s too darn short. That might be the biggest complement a person can give to a show. This is quite simply the easiest recommendation for an anime season of 2022. I have not met a person that hasn’t enjoyed this show. If I was to give it a score, it’d be a 9.5/10. If you have friends and family that are not into anime, this would be my first choice of 2022 to get them hooked!


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